Boulder Centre for Master Builders

Exploring, unlocking, and building

sacred sites with solar and sacred geometry

We are dedicated to reviving the ancient art of the Master Builder Tradition.

Design and build cosmically aligned healing spaces. 

Explore and unlock the healing power of sacred sites.

Solar Geometry and the Art of the Master Builders are based on the principle of creating harmony within the body and the environment. We can think of harmony as being in perfect union with all the elements that make up the whole. Like as in music, when separate notes and chords are combined a beautiful symphony can result. For us this harmony is reached by being in a state of good health, happiness, and peace.

Harmony: an orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole that enhances the development of life.

Solar Geometry provides this harmony for us in our lives. It takes disrupted energy in it’s many forms and brings it back into an orderly combination of elements where our bodies, homes, and environments can come back into harmony with the earth to heal and flourish.

There is a synergy that takes place when you connect solar geometry to the earth’s own patterns. Shamans and other builders of sacred space have been using this model for millennium to create the sacred sites around the world. These sacred sites all have one thing in common: harmony. They have used the elements present at a particular place on earth and combined them with Solar geometry; a pattern of the cosmos and the result is a place of healing, harmony and an orderly combination of elements in a whole!

Master Builders and Notre Dame in France

Explore the combination of the solar geometry of the cosmos with the energy of the earth brings healing energy into your life .

We offer many tools to bring health and harmony back into your home, your backyard, your office.

Take a Workshop or an Intensive or even become a Certified Master Builder and create your own healing tools and structures!

Discover how you can become a Master Builder!

Find out more!

Dive in deep to the world of building. This two-year Master Builder program will take you through everything you need to become a Master Builder.

  • Sense and feel the energies of the earth.
  • Build healing structures aligned with solar and sacred geometry.
  • Design homes in harmony with the cosmos, the earth, and the elements.

Dominique Susani will lead you through a profound and thorough transformation during this five-week study – by the end of the course, you will be able to apply the knowledge of the Master Builders into any project or structure you build. You will have the freedom to explore, play, and expand with this lost art.


Workshops are a great way to learn how to work with solar and sacred geometry and the Art of the Master Builder. We offer different classes on a variety of subjects. Check back soon for more classes!

We have been building healing labyrinths around the world based on Solar and Sacred  Geometry for over 15 years. We are passionate about the healing work these structures offer individuals and communities. Our world needs more places where we can heal and bring our bodies back into balance and harmony.

  • Would you love to have one of these powerful healing structures in your back yard?
  • Are you part of a community that wants to bring healing and harmony into your life?
  • Would you like to add healing elements to your retreat center?

We have three powerful Intensives to help you bring Harmony and Healing into your space.

Choose from:

Align: A Chakra Path Intensive

Heal: A Labyrinth Intensive

Grow: A Garden and Meditation Space Intensive

Host your Intensive today!

Let’s co-create some healing structures together!

We would love to come to your city and teach one of our intensives with you!

Contact us to get on our schedule

Beautiful 7 circuit labyrinth for physical health

3 circuit labyrinth for connecting with the first chakra

Fibonacci Spiral Chakra Path for alignment

7 circuit labyrinth for balancing the organs

Medicine Wheel for community healing

7 circuit healing labyrinth

11 circuit labyrinth for connection to the cosmos

Ancient man’s fertility machines

Could stones be involved in fertility? Were the ancient stone structures of Carnac used for something incredible like charging seeds to make them more fertile? Could stones play a role in our fertility as well? Did our ancestors know how to do something that we...
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Menhirs, lightning, and chickens!

Who knew there was a connection between lightning and big stones called menhirs? I sure didn’t. But since I began studying with European Master Builder, Dominique Susani, I found there was a fascinating correspondence to big standing stones called menhirs and...
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The sacred energy of ancient trees

Ancient trees are magical. There is something majestic and awe inspiring about being in the presence of a thousand year old tree. Their energy is more refined then the best sacred site we have ever visited. Dominique and I recently visited Brittany, France and the...
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Stone Circle Secrets

By Karen Jarldane and Dominique Susani Stone circles have always fascinated me. I have often pondered why they were built and what they were used for. I’ve had glimpses of what these cromlechs (another name for stone circles) were used for in different classes I’ve...
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Stones and sex

by Karen Jarldane and Dominique Susani With a title like that, where do I start? Maybe you should grab yourself a pint, sit back and read on about the connection between stones and sex! You’ll need a little bit of background to fully appreciate what we have been up...
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Mother Mary and good vibrations

By Karen Jarldane and Dominique Susani "There sure are a lot of Mother Marys around here", I remarked to Dominique. "Is there some kind of Mary cult in this area of France"? I joked. I've been driving around the countryside with him for a few weeks in the Lot Valley,...
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A stone cross, a star and orbs at Rocamadour

by Karen Jarldane and Dominique Susani The stone cross in front of the altar is the true gem of the Basilica in terms of geometry, measurement, placement and it’s energetics. You can  begin to see this by all the orbs floating above it. When orbs are present in...
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Rocamadour: Earth energies and solar geometry.

by Karen Jarldane and Dominique Susani Hidden in plain sight at Rocamadour are some wonderful energy points to feel and enjoy, and we are taking you on a tour of them! Earth energies and sacred or solar geometry are the most important ingredients to building a sacred...
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Rocamadour and the Master Builders

Explore the hidden energies at Rocamadour. Learn how sacred geometry, the Templars, the Black Madonna and a mysterious stone cross all play an important part in the design of the buildings there.
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Chakra Path

The Chakra Path: The first four chakras Everyone has an unseen energy system in their body. This system is called the chakra system and can be seen as wheels of energy. The Sanskrit word chakra means wheel or disk and they are located along the spine, starting at the...
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Around the world, we have built many Healing Structures, from Chakra Paths to Labyrinths, Cromlechs, and Medicine Wheels. You can click on the points and see some of the structures!

3 and 7 circuit Labyrinths, Chakra Path, and Medicine Wheel at Sacred by Design

Medicine Wheelchakra pathIMG_6366IMG_5743

Fibonacci Spiral Chakra Path and Cromlech in Boulder


3 - 7 circuit Labyrinths

Norma's labyrinth

11 circuit labyrinth and 7 circuit labyrinth

laberinto 11circuitos,tequisquiapan

7 circuit labyrinth



Cromlech with trees

Solsticial Quadrilateral with trees

7 circuit Labyrinth

3 - 7 circuit Labyrinths

Cosmic Egg Cromlech

16 Stone Cromlech

3 different Cromlechs

The fountain of the five elements


7 Circuit Labyrinth

March 2016 128 March 2016 127 March 2016 129 March 2016 132

3 different 7 Circuit Labyrinths

7 Circuit Labyrinth for Sacred Earth Foundation


Boori Boori Labyrinth Design

Alexander Dawson School 7 Circuit Labyrinth

Labyrinth from Alexander Dawson
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