Curious about the Art of the Master Builder?

Join Karen Leigh Crowley Jarldane for these fun Fall events in the Boulder, CO area. Explore how triskels can benefit your home, office, or car. And discover the world of earth vortexes, chakras and the spiral path at the Iris Farmhouse.

Triskels and creating harmony in your home 

Explore how to use triskels to harmonize your home or office space. These beautiful wooden triskels work wonders in creating a place of good energy to renew yourself in. Imagine coming home and regenerating your energy. Now you can with these fantastic tools. They can be used to charge and enhance the energy of your food and drink too.
Come learn how to do this in our 2-hour mini class.
10 – 12  Saturday, November 18, 2017
Email Karen at to sign up.
Free for all!

Karen Leigh, a former Air Force pilot, now Sacred Geometry expert has been exploring, mastering, and teaching sacred geometry, earth energies, geomancy, and dowsing for over 15 years with her teacher Dominique Susani. Living in France now, this is a rare opportunity to catch up on her leading-edge wisdom of earth vortexes, chakras, and the sacred path!

Earth Vortexes, Chakras, and the Spiral Path

Join Karen Leigh Crowley Jarldane and the Iris Farmhouse in learning about earth vortexes, chakras, and the Spiral Path!

We will explore what earth vortexes are and how to use them to benefit your health and energy system. These special vortexes have a close connection to our chakras. We will experience feeling each one during our experiential chakra walk on The Iris Farmhouse’s fantastic spiral path. This Fibonacci Spiral Path was created by Sacred Geometry expert Dominique Susani in one of his fascinating workshops: Creating Chakra Paths.

Karen Leigh has been doing research about these special vortexes and how they relate to the chakras on the Camino de Compostela in Spain. Most well-calibrated churches have a chakra path that can be experienced during a visit. These paths are a fantastic way to interact energetically with Romanesque Churches in Europe.

Sunday, November 26 from 1 – 4 pm at the Iris Farmhouse in Boulder, CO. To RSVP go to our Facebook Events page or email Karen at

 Master Builders are specialists in building well-calibrated structures that are healing for all life.

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