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Dominique Susani Teaches, Speaks, and Builds.

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Dominique Susani

is an international geomancer and sacred geometry instructor. He teaches courses in the US, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, England, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, and Chile. He is a professor of literature and philosophy and has studied with Henry Quiquandon – the father of French geobiology and Raymond Montercy, an electric engineer that renewed the art of the master builders using translated mathematics. Dominique is an authority on earth energies and their impact on human beings. He has mastered harmonizing spaces for the benefit of all life. He is a fascinating teacher, full of secret knowledge and helps his students decode the energies of sacred sites.

Dominique is currently teaching Master Builder Certification courses around the world and is available to teach workshops about how to build powerfully healing labyrinths, Chakra Paths, stone circles, garden and meditation space design. His teaching style is very hands on and experiential. Students learn how to feel and sense with their bodies and apply this wisdom to creating sacred and healing structures of  their own.

Dominique is a co-author of “Earth Alchemy – Aligning Your Home with Nature’s Energies” which is a comprehensive practical guide to creating harmonious relationship with trees, plants and other elements of the natural world. Additionally, he is currently working on a greatly anticipated book about Sacred Geometry.

Axis Mundi_copyrighted An Essay by Dominique Susani

Solar Geometry connects us to the rhythm of the sun and moon.

This rhythm is the essence of life

Once you push open the door of the Insens Wellness Center in the heart of Geneva, you immediately feel calm, serene and balanced. These sensations are due to Dominique Susani, biotic space designer who harmonized the center through the natural geometry.

You will not be the same in leaving this place.

Caroline - Switzerland

Secretary, Insens Wellness Center

Dominique Susani is a very grounded and centered teacher, he guides the student to the magic world of the earth energies and the secrets of the ancient master builders. Going with him to an ancient sacred site is a wonderful experience of feeling powerful points and exact measurements For me, he is one of the best teachers and his knowledge is fascinating and natural.

Norma - Mexico

Space Harmonizer and Feng Shui Consultant

I found out about a lot of things that were unknown to me, especially that our ancestors knew so much about astronomy, mathematics, music and more… This was really something revealing, because even thought I had read it/ heard it I did not imagine that the cromlechs and the dolmen integrated so much in knowing about something that would appear to be simple. I liked being able to experiment and feel the distinct energies of the earth, fire, and ether… And to know the qualities and properties of some of the plants that harmonize places. Finally, it was a pleasure for all of the senses that I appreciate from the heart.

Sonia - Gastgeiz Pais, Vasco Alva, Spain

Some of Dominique’s projects from around the world including:

Labyrinths, Chakra Paths, Healing Gardens, Stone Circles and Medicine Wheels.

He is also involved with many products designed to harmonize your home

and your energy system.

Fibonacci Spiral Chakra Path

Triskels used to harmonize homes

3 circuit labyrinth in Berthoud, CO

7 circuit labyrinth used for physical healing

7 circuit labyrinth in Cork, Ireland

Cromlech in Boulder, CO

7 circuit labyrinth in Parker, CO

Chakra Path, Berthoud, CO

7 circuit labyrinth in Berthoud, CO

Meditation space for a class

11 circuit labyrinth in Mexico

Medicine wheel in Berthoud, CO

Garden design for a class

7 circuit labyrinth in Chile

Quadriskels for harmonizing rooms or beds

Dominique Susani harmonized the Insens Wellness Center. Although it is located in the heart of Geneva, within the bustle of a big city, there is an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that that energetically provides the best care for the client’s maximum benefit.

People after arriving here say (without knowing the work has been done of harmonizing and balancing the energies) they feel calm and protected.

Brigitte - Switzerland

Owner, Insens Wellness Center

Earth Alchemy: Aligning Your Home with Nature’s Energies

Written by Dominique Susani


Exploring a European tradition formerly considered a lost art, this accessible guide offers day-to-day applications of earth-energy work. From the simple act of bed placement to choosing the location of a home, practical tools are offered for making living and working spaces healthier. Encouraging realignment with the natural earth patterns and influences on both personal and planetary levels, this exploration delves into work with trees, alignment of stones, and the value of sacred sites. Geomancers, feng shui enthusiasts, and those simply looking for more health and harmony in their lives will benefit from the hands-on, practical tools for building stable, flourishing relationships within daily environments and the world.

Check out the structure’s we have built around the world!

3 and 7 circuit Labyrinths, Chakra Path, and Medicine Wheel at Sacred by Design

Medicine Wheelchakra pathIMG_6366IMG_5743

Fibonacci Spiral Chakra Path and Cromlech in Boulder


3 - 7 circuit Labyrinths

Norma's labyrinth

11 circuit labyrinth and 7 circuit labyrinth

laberinto 11circuitos,tequisquiapan

7 circuit labyrinth



Cromlech with trees

Solsticial Quadrilateral with trees

7 circuit Labyrinth

3 - 7 circuit Labyrinths

Cosmic Egg Cromlech

16 Stone Cromlech

3 different Cromlechs

The fountain of the five elements


7 Circuit Labyrinth

March 2016 128 March 2016 127 March 2016 129 March 2016 132

3 different 7 Circuit Labyrinths

7 Circuit Labyrinth for Sacred Earth Foundation


Boori Boori Labyrinth Design

Alexander Dawson School 7 Circuit Labyrinth

Labyrinth from Alexander Dawson

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