Our Master Builder Store has empowering products you can use at home. From Triskels and EMF Energy Transformers to Talisman pendants these powerful energetic tools can significantly assist you in your healing journey. All of our products are designed by European Master Builder Dominique Susani. He uses sacred geometry and solar geometry in each of his creations. All of them help open, align, and balance your energy systems. They work to transmute harmful energies we are surrounded by in our daily lives. We are very happy to offer these healing tools to you.

Moon Talisman Pendant

A magical tool for healing headaches!

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Venus Talisman Pendant

Open your heart to more love!

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Sun Talisman Pendant

Increase your energy and vitality!

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EMF Energy Transformer© Stickers

Protect yourself and loved ones from harmful EMF emissions.

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Restore harmony and balance to your spaces

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Earth Alchemy: Aligning your home with nature's energies

A super book to begin your learning journey about the Art of the Master Builder

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Jesse of Jarldane Designs is apprenticing under Dominique Susani. Check out his shop for more cool products using sacred and solar geometry!

He has some amazing Flower of Life stickers that open and balance each chakra.

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