The solsticial quadrilateral is the foundation of all sacred geometry.

When I stood in the center of the Crucuno Solsticial Quadrilateral, I felt such a sense of balance and integration and belonging and rightness that I can’t adequately convey it with words. 

Using words, however inadequate, I will say I felt included in and inclusive of the whole universe. I felt at the center of All. It was one of the most profoundly beautiful feelings I have ever experienced. I felt soft, expansive, no resistance, at zero point, in complete harmony with All. That’s the best I can do with words.  And, these words are nowhere adequate to the experience. Basically, in a nutshell, I felt HOME, and like I never wanted to leave that feeling again. I believe this is our natural state!  ~ Cherie from the Magical Brittany Tour, June 2019.

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The Magical Brittany Tour

The tour dates are October 9 -17, 2019.

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The Magical Tour of Brittany is a tour of initiation into the energies of sacred sites and how they operate on an energetic and healing level. It will open you into a new perception of reality. Afterward, you will see reality with new eyes and new skills. But the true goal and spirit of the tour is knowledge, spirituality, and fun.

The Gauls, the Celts of France loved these three ideals. They loved knowledge, spirituality and of course enjoyed good food, wine, and more. And it is for that reason we will enjoy fabulous French cuisine on the tour.

 Healing energies of sacred sites were known by the druids, shamans, and priests and can be accessed and used today. On this tour, you will discover secret places of healing, like stone seats carved by the megalithic people, fertility stones, sacred holy wells, and special crosses. Learn about Chakra Paths in cathedrals and churches and how they can balance and align your chakras. Explore the healing energies of menhirs and why Druids considered old oak groves to be their sacred sanctuaries.

 Boulder Centre of Master Builders

 Secrets of Sacred Geometry – Solar Geometry for Health and Life 

This book is a rare treasure, filled with wisdom so secret that people were killed throughout the ages to keep it hidden.  The knowledge contained in these pages is the foundation of how wondrous sacred sites were built. This book is the culmination of Dominique Susani’s vast knowledge of sacred geometry and sacred sites. For those who have studied with Dominique, it is a must. For all of you fascinated with sacred sites, it is essential to understanding the energy present in these wondrous places. For those of you who want to experiment with the Art of the Master Builders, this is your chance to make a difference in the energy of your spaces. Anne and Karen were honored to work with Dominique in this endeavor!

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