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We are experts at building houses and other energetically healing structures that enhance the life quality of all life. Join us in making our world a better place to live!

This is a very special tour of initiation into the energies of sacred sites. These healing energies were known by the Druids, shamans, and priests and can be accessed and used today. On this tour, you will discover secret places of healing, like stone seats carved by the megalithic people, fertility stones, sacred holy wells, and special crosses. Learn about Chakra Paths in cathedrals and churches and how they can balance and align your chakras. Explore the healing energies of menhirs and why Druids considered old oak groves to be their sacred sanctuaries. Learn more here.

The Secrets of Sacred Geometry Bhutan Tour is coming in June!

Fall in love with the cultural diversity and charm of Bhutan’s people and countryside. During our journey together we will see prayer wheels, stupas, temples, Dzongs, markets full of exotic items such as beautifully painted mandalas and exquisitely woven cloth, and of course, breathless scenery…Explore the geometry and energetic qualities of the temples and stupas of the Land of Happiness with Dominique, Karen, and Anne as your guides. Learn more here!
Because there is a lot of behind the scenes coordination in Bhutan by our tour operator for this trip to come together, we are closing the registration March 21st, 2019, to make sure the trip runs smoothly for everyone.


Big news for the Boulder Centre of Master Builders, our newest book is ready for pre-order!

Introducing Secrets of Sacred Geometry – Solar Geometry for Health and LifeThis book is a rare treasure, filled with wisdom so secret that people were killed throughout the ages to keep it hidden.  The knowledge contained in these pages is the foundation of how wondrous sacred sites were built. This book is the culmination of Dominique Susani’s vast knowledge of sacred geometry and sacred sites. For those who have studied with Dominique, it is a must. For all of you fascinated with sacred sites, it is essential to understanding the energy present in these wondrous places. For those of you who want to experiment with the Art of the Master Builders, this is your chance to make a difference in the energy of your spaces. Anne and Karen were honored to work with Dominique in this endeavor!

Dive into learning more…

Our blog contains a lot of interesting information on a variety of subjects ranging from sacred geometry secrets to standing stones, to sacred site research, ancients trees and much more. Feel free to read, browse, and let us know what you think.

Seven Saints Chapel

An Energetic and Sacred Geometry Visit to the Seven Saints Chapel, Brittany The Seven Saints Chapel and holy well in Vieux-Marché is an...

The essential elements of a sacred site

Many people have profound experiences when visiting sacred sites, which is one of the reasons we are drawn to these special places built by our...

The Healing Power of Standing Stones

Dominique and I have been talking for a long time about the power of standing stones and their healing legends and their regenerative abilities. In...

A visit to a dolmen at Saint-Just, Brittany

We recently visited the megaliths at St-Just in the Landes de Cojoux, Brittany, France. It was a beautiful sunny summer day and we visited Maison de...

The Magic of Rhythm – Secret Number 3

Rhythm is the spirit of life and the pathway to connect and enter into the divine. Everywhere we turn there are rhythms, from far-flung galaxies,...

The Second Secret

The Second Secret of Sacred Geometry is Measurement   Why measurement and what does it have to do with sacred geometry? In the last blog about...

Secret Number One!

Secret Number One is the Foundation of Sacred Geometry. The sun has a huge impact on life here on earth, Humans have worshipped the sun, studied the...

The Protection Shield Mirror Method

by Dominique Susani and Karen Leigh Crowley Jarldane Part one of our Energetic Tools of Protection series Many people ask us how to protect...

Triskels and feeling good

By Karen Leigh Crowley Jarldane I love triskels. The design has always called me; it is Celtic, ancestral and beautiful. Sacred geometry expert,...

Ancient man’s fertility machines

Could stones be involved in fertility? Were the ancient stone structures of Carnac used for something incredible like charging seeds to make them...

Menhirs, lightning, and chickens!

Who knew there was a connection between lightning and big stones called menhirs? I sure didn’t. But since I began studying with European Master...

The sacred energy of ancient trees

Ancient trees are magical. There is something majestic and awe inspiring about being in the presence of a thousand year old tree. Their energy is...

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