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Explore how the solsticial quadrilateral can benefit your life.


The Solsticial Quadrilateral is the foundation of all sacred geometry. It shows the yearly pattern of the sun of a place. It was the basic form that all ancient cultures used to build their sacred places.

In modern times we can use it to:

  • Create a harmonious structure to live, sleep, and work in.
  • Recharge your energy in an energetically balanced place.
  • Feel more relaxed and happier.

When I stood in the center of the Crucuno Solsticial Quadrilateral, I felt such a sense of balance and integration and belonging and rightness that I can’t adequately convey it with words. 

Using words, however inadequate, I will say I felt included in and inclusive of the whole universe. I felt at the center of All. It was one of the most profoundly beautiful feelings I have ever experienced. I felt soft, expansive, no resistance, at zero point, in complete harmony with All. That’s the best I can do with words.  And, these words are nowhere adequate to the experience. Basically, in a nutshell, I felt HOME, and like I never wanted to leave that feeling again. I believe this is our natural state!  ~ Cheri from the Magical Brittany Tour, June 2019.

Ready to learn more?

Join us at the end of March for a 4-week online course called the Solsticial Quadrilateral Revealed.

Heal your Land ~ Heal your Home ~ Heal Yourself.
Learn how you can use the solsticial quadrilateral to improve the quality of your life and health.

“This online course is super awesome, well organized, lots of information, and has exceeded all my expectations!   I personally hope that you will offer more online classes and books in the future”.
~Franklin Fick

“Such a subtle, profound and rich knowledge”!
~ Jennifer Collins Brever

“The lessons are a wealth of knowledge that you have played out methodically. It is clear and each lesson adds to the next”.
~ Cynthia Robison

“Fabulous and interesting course, clearly created from years of experience, study, and a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend it.
~ Dawn Danis

Join us in a very special training to be come a Master Builder

This is a very unique opportunity to learn how to perceive the subtle energies that make up a home, space or environment. Each class is part lecture and mandala drawing to understand how sacred sites were built. Then this knowledge is applied to modern examples of how to design a home or any other structure using sacred geometry to achieve harmonious energies. Next there is the experiential part of the classes. After you learn the concept in class, you draw it on the ground using string and sticks and feel in your body the effects of what you have learned.

This training will give you the tools to feel the subtle energies employed by the Master Builders and the sacred geometry technical skills required to design your own harmonic structures such as homes, offices, hospitals, as well as labyrinths, chakra paths, stones circles and more.

The Magical Brittany Tour

Join us and get ready for some mind-blowing sacred places! We share with you the best places to feel the energies of menhirs, dolmens, holy wells, and churches in Brittany. This tour will be one of those that you never forget and wish you were back in Brittany long after you leave us. Your senses will come alive…mouth-watering organic food and wine to savor, huge standing stones and holy wells to touch, the ocean to listen to, and the many sacred places to see, feel, and connect to in a deeper, richer way.

The Magical Tour of Brittany is a tour of initiation into the energies of sacred sites and how they operate on an energetic and healing level. It will open you into a new perception of reality. Afterward, you will see reality with new eyes and new skills. 

 Healing energies of sacred sites were known by the druids, shamans, and priests and can be accessed and used today. On this tour, you will discover secret places of healing, like fertility stones, sacred holy wells, and special crosses. Learn about Chakra Paths in churches and how they can balance and align your chakras. Explore the healing energies of menhirs and why Druids considered old oak groves to be their sacred sanctuaries.

We are very happy to introduce our new service called:

 Earth Energies Diagnostic Plans for your home and land.

This service will provide you with a map of the underground and surface energies of your home or land. Water veins, faults, earth, and cosmic vortexes, and other earth energies are revealed on your very own downloadable PDFs. With these PDFs, you will be able to pinpoint the location of negative earth energies that are influencing your health.

Now you can make informed decisions in regards to furniture placement such as your bed, office chair, couch, etc. You will also be able to see where good energy exists in your home and can take advantage of these placements as well.

 Boulder Centre of Master Builders

 Secrets of Sacred Geometry - Solar Geometry for Health and Life 

This book is a rare treasure, filled with wisdom so secret that people were killed throughout the ages to keep it hidden.  The knowledge contained in these pages is the foundation of how wondrous sacred sites were built. This book is the culmination of Dominique Susani's vast knowledge of sacred geometry and sacred sites. For those who have studied with Dominique, it is a must. For all of you fascinated with sacred sites, it is essential to understanding the energy present in these wondrous places. For those of you who want to experiment with the Art of the Master Builders, this is your chance to make a difference in the energy of your spaces. Anne and Karen were honored to work with Dominique in this endeavor!