The Chakra Path: The first four chakras

Everyone has an unseen energy system in their body. This system is called the chakra system and can be seen as wheels of energy. The Sanskrit word chakra means wheel or disk and they are located along the spine, starting at the base of the spine and ending at the top or crown of the head. There are seven major chakras and they help keep us healthy

The Chakra Path is an original design by European Master Builder Dominique Susani and was created to open, align and clean the chakra energy centers of the body. As you begin your journey on the path, each stopping point or circle focuses in and aligns the frequency of that particular chakra. Sometimes people feel a little discomfort in their body as energy is moved, opened, and aligned. But it is only temporary and as the chakra opens, it will feel warm and a gentle spinning of the chakra begins. Some people can feel this warm spinning feeling and others feel a lessening of tension or an expansion in areas of their body associated with each chakra.

Each chakra has an emotional, energetic, and physical aspect to them. During this series of blogs, we will go one by one and expand on the characteristics of each one.

When you walk through the path, you also begin to work through and align all of the issues related to each chakra. The first four chakras ground you deeper into your true light, and connect you to the earth– whereas the last four connect you to spirit and to others. Ideally, all of your chakras will be in alignment and working together!

The Journey through the first four centers:

“This walk through the Chakra Path not only releases blockages and aligns each

chakra, it also opens the energy of your central channel which is your connection

to the earth and the cosmos”.

The first stop along the path: the root chakra and survival center

Color: Red

Physical Location: At the base of your spine, the pelvic floor, and first 3 vertebra

The energy this chakra addresses is all about survival and instinctual aspects of life. When this chakra is out of alignment, it can manifest as not being grounded, anxiety, identity loss, or feeling unsafe. The first circle on our journey begins with opening this chakra. Many people feel a stronger connection to the earth. This energy center often holds emotional energy of trauma and fear. Walking along the path helps release this energy and create more movement in this center, grounding you into the knowing that the earth is safe, abundant, and you in fact have everything you need at the touch of your fingers, all the time.

The Second stop along the path: The Sexual Center

Color: Orange

Physical location: Just beneath the naval


The second chakra addresses creativity, sexual energy, emotional energy, and holds your masculine and feminine energies. When out of balance this chakra can manifest as sexual dysfunction, addiction, lack of passion or creative energy, dullness or feelings of boredom. This chakra helps release energies attached to sexual trauma and shock, and anything attached to negative frequencies surrounding this type of energy. As you stand in this circle and integrate the alignment, some people feel more sexual energy flow through their bodies, other feel a warmth in the second chakra area.



The Third stop along the path: The powerhouse

Color: Yellow

Physical Location: Above the naval


The third chakra addresses self-worth, empowerment and inner strength. When out of balance, this chakra can create either low self-esteem or an inflated ego. Often it results in poor boundary setting, and financial problems. When aligned, this chakra is the powerhouse – the force that knows that you truly are a divine being. During this stop on the journey, many people feel a loosening in tension held in the navel area.


The Fourth stop along the path: The Heart

Color: Green

Physical Location: The center of the chest

The fourth chakra represents love. It is the middle way between the earth energy and cosmic energy flow in the body. This chakra helps regulate the giving and receiving balance throughout the body, and when aligned creates the full body experience of unconditional love for both yourself, others, and creation. The heart center is often shut down because of abandonment issues, loneliness, rejection, and fear of emotional pain. This center allows you to give and receive love in full expression. In this circle, many people begin to feel the opening of their heart area and the warmth of it starts expanding outwards.

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