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There is a synergy that takes place when you connect solar geometry to the earth’s own patterns. Shamen and other builders of sacred space have been using this model for millennium to create the sacred sites around the world. These sacred sites all have one thing in common: harmony. This ability to connect solar patterns to the earth’s patterns is the foundation of sacred geometry, a part of the missing link for modern man and his ability to create sacred space. Here at the Boulder Center for Master Builders, we teach you how to build your own “living” structures with this lost knowledge.

Meet the Founders

Anne Parker

Anne Parker

Master Builder

Dominique Susani

Dominique Susani

European Master Builder

Karen Leigh Crowley Jarldane

Karen Leigh Crowley Jarldane

Master Builder

Around the world we have built many Healing Structures, from Chakra Paths to Labyrinths, Cromlechs, and Medicine Wheels. You can click on the points and see some of the structures!

3 and 7 circuit Labyrinths, Chakra Path, and Medicine Wheel at Sacred by Design

Medicine Wheelchakra pathIMG_6366IMG_5743

Fibonacci Spiral Chakra Path and Cromlech in Boulder


3 - 7 circuit Labyrinths

Norma's labyrinth

11 circuit labyrinth and 7 circuit labyrinth

laberinto 11circuitos,tequisquiapan

7 circuit labyrinth



Cromlech with trees

Solsticial Quadrilateral with trees

7 circuit Labyrinth

3 - 7 circuit Labyrinths

Cosmic Egg Cromlech

16 Stone Cromlech

3 different Cromlechs

The fountain of the five elements


7 Circuit Labyrinth

March 2016 128 March 2016 127 March 2016 129 March 2016 132

3 different 7 Circuit Labyrinths

7 Circuit Labyrinth for Sacred Earth Foundation


Boori Boori Labyrinth Design


Alexander Dawson School 7 Circuit Labyrinth

Labyrinth from Alexander Dawson

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