The Alignments at Carnac

Could stones be involved in fertility?

Were the ancient stone structures of Carnac used for something incredible like charging seeds to make them more fertile? Could stones play a role in our fertility as well? Did our ancestors know how to do something that we haven’t dreamed about? I am beginning to believe it is true.

I’ve always been fascinated by stones. Big stone, standing stones, stones looking like huge tables, the list goes on. Through studying with Dominique Susani over the years, I have learned a lot about stone structures and their uses to ancient man. Menhirs can dissipate electrical energy, and passage tombs can be super speed chargers. Big nondescript stones can be places of fertility and other healing. Many of these massive structures, I’ve never had good explanations of what they were used for until I met Dominique.

Dominique is a true Renaissance man.

He is a container of secret knowledge of stones, churches, sacred geometry and how they all relate to the sun, moon, cosmos and the earth. For the last year, I have accompanied Dominique on many different adventures to various megalithic sites around Europe. Our latest journey was to Brittany, France. It is a place full of standing stones, probably the highest concentration anywhere in the world. There are 11,000 just in Carnac itself! It is hard to fathom the reason why they are all placed there.

Rows of menhirs at Carnac

Rows of menhirs at Carnac

In Carnac, there are four sets of stone alignment rows, each starting with smaller stones gradually growing in size.

Their names are the Alignements de Petit Ménec, the Alignements de Kerlescan, the Alignements de Kermario, and the Alignements du Ménec. At the end of the last alignment, there is a cromlech. The rows are wide, and the stone placement doesn’t follow any logic we can see with our eyes. But these Neolithic people had a plan.

To erect all these standing stones must have taken great effort and a lot of time. There must have been a big reason to do it as well. We recently read a fascinating book called Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty: Understanding the Lost Technology of the Ancient Megalithic Builders by John Burke and Kaj Halberg. In this book, they make a very persuasive argument for the reason behind building big structures such as stone alignments, passage tombs, stone circles, and pyramids.

The one thing all these different structures have is the ability to use electromagnetism to increase crop production.

Part of our desire with these blogs is to discover the energies at different sacred sites and write about our findings. In the Master Builder Tradition, much of how we learn to build harmonious, well-balanced structures is by using the sensibilities of our body. Simply put, we feel the energies present at a particular site in our body. Does a place open our central channel? Does it balance our chakras and if so, which ones? What else is happening? What happens when we open or activate the energy of the sacred site?

At this place of the Alignments of Carnac, we were very interested in feeling the energy of all those stones. Was it a place that used electromagnetism to supercharge the seeds? We think so, because of several reasons. First of all, the stone rows are not in a straight line; they follow an organic moving path. If you are a dowser, you can see they are placed on specific earth energy like water veins and faults. In this area of Brittany, it has the highest concentration of faults and seismic activity in all of France. The stones were erected on these unseen energetic lines.

Next, when we stood in the fields of menhirs, we could feel a current of energy pulsing beneath our feet.

It followed a particular direction, towards the cromlech at the end of the stone rows. This current of energy was a vital, life-force filled feeling. Because of this, both Dominique and I could understand at a body level how this place could be a seed supercharging place. Thunderstorms produce negative ions and other electrical energy increasing the earth’s magnetism, essential to making the seeds grow faster, bigger, and better.

Dominique Susani activating one of the stones of the Carnac Alignments

Dominique Susani activating one of the stones of the Carnac Alignments

For the Master Builder, it is interesting to see what happens when you activate or open the energy of these stones. What I noticed is there were many orbs present as Dominique activated each of the stones at the end of the row. The book also talks about how stone rows in Avebury are aligned magnetically. I think they are also magnetically aligned at Carnac. It makes sense once you understand on the earth energy these stones were placed on and what happens at the end.

The authors discovered the stones become a magnetic channel that sends airborne ions in a particular direction. Then at certain times in the year, the electromagnetic energy is supercharged during thunderstorms, and this changes the polarity in the atmosphere. Seeds placed in the center of the cromlech receive all this electromagnetic energy and become supercharged. They grew faster, stronger, and bigger, doubling or tripling the ability to feed their people.

Rainbow activation of Carnac menhir

Rainbow activation of Carnac menhir

These ions are part of what supercharges the seeds at the end of the Alignments at Carnac and at the stone circle at the end of the stone procession in Avebury. These electrically charged ions in the air make it easier for cameras to catch shapes on the photos. Which I believe is why so many orbs showed up on my pictures of the activated stones!

We visited another place in Brittany that the book talked about as well.

The Neolithic people first erected giant menhirs to help with the fertility of the crops, next they started building giant passage tombs or tumulus to supercharge their seeds. One of these places is called Gavrinis. It is similar to New Grange in Ireland. It has many wonderful carvings inside and is oriented to the east, close to the equinox’s rising sun. Like New Grange, you need to go on a guided tour to see the carvings inside. During the tour, we learned most people think this tumulus was a grave, Dominique and I had different ideas, not only because of what we read in Seeds of Knowledge Stone of Plenty but because of our experiences in other passage tombs and dolmen.

Dominique has explored the energetic energy of dolmen for years.

None of these stone structures had a feeling of being a tomb. Most have fertility energy or work on different chakras or systems of the body. Also, most passage tombs or dolmen were not filled with bones. There were a few bones, which could be offerings, but nothing like you would expect for a grave. The most important piece for us in determining how a structure is used is feeling the energy present in our bodies.

Gavrinis Tumulus

Gavrinis Tumulus

So we were very interested in feeling the energy inside Gavrinis.

As we tuned into this energy, we were not disappointed; Gavrinis has a solid 2nd chakra energy or fertility energy. What made this place different from other fertility sites is the there is dynamic vitality energy connected to it. It’s not a sexy fertility we associate with other healing places. This energy was similar to the vital energy we felt at the Carnac Alignments and made sense that this could be another way to supercharge seeds.

Dominique and I have also noticed time and time again how obsessed ancient man was with fertility.

All of the megalithic sites have elements of fertility either as the focal point or you can find them close to the main attraction. For example, we visited the Giant of Manio menhir and the Quadrilateral (a rectangle of stones) in the Carnac area. We noticed just off the path were a couple of fertility stones for women and a fertility stone for men. As you tune your sensibilities and feeling abilities, you can differentiate between the different fertility places. During our Secrets of Sacred Geometry Master Builder Certification course, you learn how to open your senses and feel these energies. It is essential to have this ability to tune into sacred sites and build harmonized structures for healing. It also opens a new way to view our world!

These types of fertility stones are fun to feel with your body sensibilities.

Since men and women have different anatomies, you feel the energy in different parts of the body. Also, the stone configurations are different. The stones for men are a single stone. You can feel this energy in the first chakra or men will feel a tingling in their balls. For women, there are two stones. You stand in between them. The energy is felt around the pubic area. The fun part is that the underlying feeling is a sexy or sexual energy with both types of stones. I’ve also become aware that some fertility stones were probably used for giving birth. In these places, I felt my body becoming more open and fluid and it reminded me how my body responded to the birthing process. I understood at a body level that these are very powerful healing places for ancient man.

Fertility stone for men by the Geant du Manio, Carnac France

Fertility stone for men by the Geant du Manio, Carnac France

Fertility stones for women at Geant du Manio, Carnac France

Fertility stones for women at Geant du Manio, Carnac France

Fertility for the tribe and fertility in food are two of the most important issues the Neolithic people focused on. Dominique and I enjoy experiencing some of these sites and energies in Brittany, France. We are thinking of creating a workshop next year for you to experience some of these amazing structures. Helping people to open their sensibilities to feel what goes on at sacred sites is a great joy for us.

If you want to learn more about this tradition of connecting to menhirs, dolmen, sacred sites, and ancient trees, check out our Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification Course.

Karen Crowley-Susani and Dominique Susani love traveling to sacred sites and unlocking their secrets of sacred geometry and earth energy. Both Master Builders enjoy sharing their knowledge of how to build powerful structures that feel good and are harmonious with all life.

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