The ancient tree at Riec sur Belon. It is around 1000 years old

The ancient tree at Riec sur Belon. It is around 1000 years old

Ancient trees are magical.

There is something majestic and awe-inspiring about being in the presence of a thousand-year-old tree. Their energy is more refined than the best-sacred site we have ever visited. Dominique and I recently visited Brittany, France, and the Basque region of Spain to connect with some fabulous ancient trees.

Ancient trees have the energy of a sacred site.

For those of you who are interested in the Art of the Master Builders, ancient trees have some amazing energy to feel and enjoy. Trees that are one thousand years or older have the energy of a cathedral or temple. It is refined, clear and emits a very high vibration. As we know, sacred sites have different energies, for example, some of them are fertility sites, some open the third eye, the crown or the root chakra.

Trees also have different qualities.

All trees open your central channel connecting you to the cosmos and to the earth. But they can also specialize in opening different chakras, working with different organs or areas of the body. The old trees can also change the energy of their surroundings and with some ancient master trees, you can feel their effects from kilometers away!

Another of the amazing qualities of trees is their ability to connect to living structures.

Trees connect to each other with lines of energy. You can actually feel these energetic lines between trees. What is also interesting is when we build a harmonized structure with good measurement, the trees all around it connect to the center point. This is because they recognize the structure as alive.  I love this magic piece of the Art of the Master Builders. After building something like a labyrinth or chakra path, you can feel the trees connecting to its center. It is a great confirmation that we are doing work that is in harmony with nature.

Dolmen du Mané Lud and the tree

You can see the tree on the left and the big capstone of Dolmen du Mané Lud is on the right.

Trees can also affect the energy of a place.

At the Dolmen du Mané Lud in Brittany, Dominique noticed a tree had connected to the dolmen’s center point. If you stand inside the dolmen, the energy feels very connected to the earth. It is very grounded and the energy goes down.  When you stand in the middle of the capstone and expand your awareness out, you can feel the line of energy from the tree, connecting to the middle of the dolmen. The energy felt on top of dolmen is transformed because of this connection to the tree. This means our central channel can open and the circulation between the cosmos and the earth flows freely up and down, instead of the rooted feeling energy inside.

Locmaria's ancient trees help harmonize the surrounding area.

Locmaria’s ancient trees help harmonize the surrounding area.

Locmaria ancient oak tree

This oak tree was big enough to stand in at Locmaria, Brittany, France

A different example of this was with two old oak trees sitting outside a church at Locmaria, Brittany.

One of these ancient trees was big enough to stand inside of it and the energy inside was clear, strong and refined. The trees had connected to each other and if you stood at the halfway point between the two, you could feel this line of energy. Because the trees were probably at least 400 years old, they had built up a high vibration and together shared their good energy with their surroundings which included a church and holy well.

It is entirely a different game with very old trees.

Their energy is amazing and the ancient tree feels like a sacred site itself. Their auras are very big and you can start to feel their effects sometimes kilometers away! The vibration they exude is very high and refined, similar to the energy that we find at the most sacred point in a church. Man can only achieve this high vibration by using special earth energies and proper sacred and solar geometry measurements that Master Builders around the world are trained to do.

Druids and their sacred oak groves

I never really understood why the Druids loved their oak groves so much. I now realize why after visiting these some of these ancient trees. The sacred oak groves of the Druids probably had at least one thousand-year-old tree. The presence, energy, wisdom, and healing abilities of these old oak trees are amazing. They are similar to the energy of a cathedral and I can see why they were so special to the Druids. As you tune into the tree, you can feel how your energy starts to shift and heal. All your energy centers start to open and balance, which is what happens at many of our sacred sites. The best part of the tree energy is there is no influence or information from man. It is free from religious doctrines and programming.

Le Chêne à Guillotine, a thousand year ancient oak tree in the Brocéliande forest in France.

Le Chêne à Guillotine, a thousand-year ancient oak tree in the Brocéliande forest in France.

 Le Chêne à Guillotin – a thousand-year-old oak tree

The first really ancient tree we visited was in the Brocéliande Forest and is named Le Chêne à Guillotin. It is a wonderful oak tree with really amazing energy. First, it opens the central channel. This channel starts at the base of your spine and goes all the way through the center of your body to the crown of your head. All of the chakras are connected to it. When your central channel is open, energy can circulate between the earth and the cosmos and your chakras begin to align and balance. At this tree, the energy is focused on grounding and then opening your connection to the cosmos. Its aura is crimson red and has a light, refined, and very powerful energy. Le Chêne à Guillotine continues charging your energy system even after 10 minutes.

After experiencing the wonderful energy of this tree, Dominique wanted to find others. We found two more thousand-year-old trees in Brittany. Each had a different energy. The focus of Riec sur Belon’s old ancient oak tree was to recharge the kidneys and the Hara area of the body. It had decidedly second chakra energy and its color is orange. You could also feel your central channel open with clear energy.

The ancient oak tree at Riec sur Belon

The ancient oak tree at Riec sur Belon

Tronjoli – a fifteen-hundred-year-old oak tree

The last old oak tree was called Tronjoli and is actually 1500 years old. This tree was hard for us to find and we needed a local guide to guide us. But Tronjoli was worth the effort. The energy was nice with a strong connection to the cosmos and the earth. There was a big crown opening, was very grounding and Tronjoli opened all the channels in the body. This tree’s aura is a light kelly green color.  As we sat and meditated next to Tronjoli, we felt very present in our bodies and in the moment.

Tronjoli, an ancient oak tree is 1500 years old.

Tronjoli, an ancient oak tree is 1500 years old.

Our next encounter with ancient trees was in the Basque region of Spain.

Dominique taught a Master Builder Certification course in Spain and he made it a point to visit the Jugatxi forest as part of the class. The day was spent experiencing how trees process and clean our energy systems. The class learned about Master trees – the very ancient trees and how their aura is different than younger trees. There was time for meditation and the class was able to feel the difference between old trees, young trees, and trees of different species. By the end of our time there, the class had expanded their awareness enough to see prana orbs all around them and the auras of the trees. It was a fantastic day!

The Master Builder Certification course tuning into an ancient Beech tree in the Jugatxi Forest, Basque Spain

The Master Builder Certification course tuning into an ancient Beech tree in the Jugatxi Forest, Basque Spain

After visiting and connecting to these wonderful trees in Brittany and the Basque region, Dominique and I have decided to explore more ancient trees. Next, in our adventures, we will check out the old trees in Chile and the redwoods and sequoias in California. We are thinking about creating a tour to visit some of these very special trees next year. Let us know if you are interested.

Karen Crowley-Susani and Dominique Susani love traveling to sacred sites and blogging about the sacred and solar geometry used in building them. To learn how you can experience this yourself, check out our Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification Course. Discover how to build living structures and connecting to trees is just a tiny part of the wisdom you will learn. Taking this course will open your eyes and sensibilities to more than you can imagine.

by Karen Crowley-Susani
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