Anne Z. Parker PhD

Master Builder

Anne Z. Parker

is passionate about leading towards an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and balanced present and future world. She is Professor of Environmental Studies at Naropa University where she teaches about geography, new science, environmental leadership, pilgrimage, sacred landscape, and related subjects. She lived and studied with Aboriginal communities in the Central Desert of Australia and spent many years living in the Himalayan region studying traditional agriculture, land use, and sacred places. She is the author of Stories from the Origin and Multiethnic Interface in Eastern Nepal. She has explored sacred sites in Europe – walking the Chemin de Saint Jacques in France and the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Her research on European sacred sites has focused on the Black Madonnas and megalithic sites, and she has recently completed a study of stupas in Bhutan together with Tshering Choden and Dominique Susani. Anne is trained in sacred/natural geometry and geomancy and engages in their practical application to harmonizing homes, public buildings, and spaces. She is available for consultations utilizing these techniques. Anne also teaches Beginning Dowsing, Art of Stones, and Sacred Geometry Mandala classes in Boulder, Colorado, USA

Anne is a co-author of “Earth Alchemy – Aligning Your Home with Nature’s Energies” which is a comprehensive practical guide to creating a harmonious relationship with places, trees, plants and other elements of the natural world. She is a co-author with Dominique and Karen Leigh of Secrets of Sacred Geometry – Solar Geometry for Health and Life, the newest book coming out Fall 2017.

Solar Geometry brings the rhythm of the sun and the moon to the earth

“Since Anne and Gaela dowsed our property and showed us where to place stones to create a solsticial quadrilateral, many different shifts have happened on our land.  We live in the urban corridor where the sound of traffic is quite constant and we had recently moved from a mountain property that was quite quiet.  We had a subtle discontent with our new home in suburbia and felt a disconnection with the land and place.  We had put in gardens, bees, fruit trees and a chicken coop but we were still not feeling at home yet.  When we placed the stones in the four corners of our properties, something subtle shifted.  The traffic noise was still there and we were still in suburbia, but something quieted down inside us.  We finally arrived home.”

Marco Chung-Shu

Clinic Director, Mandala Intgrative Medicine Clinic