Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification

USA class dates September 1 – 8, 2018 in Colorado

The Secrets of Sacred Geometry is a five-part worldwide certification course for those who are ready to dive into the Master Builder tradition of solar and sacred geometry and play big. Dominique Susani will lead you through a profound and thorough transformation during this five-week study – by the end of the course, you will be able to apply the knowledge of sacred geometry into any project or structure you would like to design, build and create. 

Taking classes with Dominique Susani is really a transformative experience. In a very simple and clear way, he reveals the great secrets of the ancient buildings. He also teaches us to reconnect with our own sensitivity to feel the energies of the earth. When we become in touch with the energies of the earth and able to feel the different vibrations in our physical body, everything changes. We begin to feel, to live, and to perceive space differently. Then the great need to create harmonic spaces to live and work in appears and the desire to live in healthy and high-energy spaces arises. This makes all the difference in our lives.


Feng Shui Practitioner Cuidad de Mexico

The beginning: solsticial quadrilaterals

For me the Solar Geometry Certification Course (Secrets of Sacred Geometry certification) was very useful, positive and rewarding experience It is a very useful tool because I am dedicated to the decoration and restoration of spaces, I don’t only want to make the space better, I also want to heal and restore it to life and I think this is the best tool for this purpose.


Environmental Designer Santiago de Chile

Becoming a Master Builder:

Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification

A Master Builder creates sacred space.  We create environments that support and uplift others in their spiritual journey. We bring elevated ways of being and thinking into physicality through our structures. We foster sanctuaries – spaces that can truly support others and their goals. Imagine cultivating relationships in a space that is not holding onto negative charge. We create the perfect vessels for relaxation, rejuvenation, and breath. These types of spaces are fundamental in our journey. The Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification make this level of support available for themselves and others. By the end of this 5-part certification course, you will be able to provide this for yourself and others confidently. By investing in this training, you are empowering yourself to take charge of your own healing and growth.

This course was very complete and gave me a big orientation to begin learning the concepts of earth energy. It is a knowledge that is not part of our professional background, but as a designer is an interesting tool to apply to improve the quality of life for our clients. Dominique has given his knowledge with a lot of patience, so we can understand step by step the whole process of geometric design of structures and their application in everyday life, in accordance with nature.


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There is no pre-requisite for this class.

We will take you from the beginning steps all the way to the end!


At the Boulder Centre for Master Builders, we are committed to creating extremely high-quality healing structures for our clients. For our structures to create the amazing healing effects that they do, a level of mastery is required. This course is the fast track for our students to achieve that mastery. The Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification is not for dabblers. Dabbling is easy. It is short – there is less commitment. Mastery is an investment – it is time and effort. However, in order to be successful in this work, mastery is essential. This course is strategically designed to create mastery efficiently and thoroughly. Within a 5 part course, you will achieve mastery in this lost art form.

Classes taught in English:

USA: September 1 – 8, 2018

The first class in the USA will be taught in the Boulder – Denver area in Colorado, location to be announced.

United Kingdom: September 15 – 23, 2018

Details coming soon.


Classes taught in Spanish:

Spain: In progress

Certification course has already begun, for more information about future classes contact: La Druide Compagnie

Santiago de Chile: In progress

Geometría Solar has the full details for future classes.


What is involved

The total certification is 5 levels, each level builds on the next. We meet every 6 months for one week at a time, completing the certification within 2 years. During the time between each module, there will be homework exercises each month to continue your mastery of each level. We will have a Facebook group for our class to post questions and answers, share our projects, get feed back and much more. During the Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification course, Dominique will be available to mentor you with harmonizations of homes, designing your own energetically powerful structures, and much more.


Becoming a Master Builder is an investment in you and your abilities to create healing structures in your life and your world. This 2-year apprenticeship is for those people who are serious in their commitment to excellence and knowledge of how to work with energy, measurement, sacred geometry, solar geometry, intention, and more – all with integrity.

Each level is an investment of $1700. The total cost for the certification is $8500.

The Instructor:

DominiqueDominique Susani

is a Master Builder from France and is an expert on the ancient art of stones and building sacred structures. He is an authority on earth energies and their impact on human beings and has mastered harmonizing spaces for the benefit of all life. He is a fascinating teacher, full of secret knowledge and helps his students decode the energies of sacred sites. Dominique is currently teaching Secrets of Master Builder Certification courses around the world and is available to teach workshops about how to build powerfully healing labyrinths, Chakra Paths, stone circles, garden and meditation space design. His teaching style is very hands-on and experiential. Students learn how to feel and sense with their bodies and apply this wisdom to creating sacred and healing structures of their own. Dominique is a co-author of “Earth Alchemy – Aligning Your Home with Nature’s Energies” which is a comprehensive practical guide to creating a harmonious relationship with trees, plants and other elements of the natural world. His next book “Secrets of Sacred Geometry: Solar Geometry for Health and Life” is going to print Fall 2017.

Dominique is a wonderful teacher who brings a rich historical perspective to each and every class. Providing context and understanding of the why and how ancient builders created the spaces in which they lived, studied and worshipped. Dominique also takes this ancient technology and makes it practical and available for all who attend his classes and workshops via story, example, experimentation, and ingeniously simple exercises enabling one to travel home and use the knowledge immediately in their own living and work spaces. I highly recommend attending any available classes and open yourself, though Dominique’s tutelage, to the possibility of having a sacred place, and a sacred space in which to live and grow.

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Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification course
Boulder - Denver area in Colorado, Exact location to be announced,
Starting on
September 1, 2018
Ending on
September 8, 2018
Learn the art of the Master Builders in this two and a half year certification program called the Secrets of Sacred Geometry. Each class is $1700, for a total of $8500 for the 5 classes. Each module is 8 days long.
Offer Price
USD 1700.00
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