The Chakra Path Intensive Workshop

 Chakra Path two day intensive

Taught by Boulder Master Builder, Dominique Susani

This Chakra Path building workshop is a doorway into mastery of your own energetic system – the Chakra system. We will work with each of the Chakra’s by creating a Chakra Path – a sacred geometry based structure that is built specifically to open and align this energetic system. We guide you through all the steps of building; from discovering the correct Chakra points on the earth, to using solar geometry as a measurement tool. You will be opening new pathways within, allowing you to connect to the earth in a healing manner. Master Builder Dominique Susani will skillfully show you how to navigate the connection between your Chakras and the earth. We work with the elements, solar geometry, your own energetic system, and the cosmos to build this backyard healing tool.  Align: Balance and Connect is an investment in your self-healing abilities, spiritual growth, and personal tool-box.


Chakra Path building

“I have walked the Chakra Path many times. Every time I walk it, I feel a sense of calm by the end of it. I always bring an intention in when I walk it and I am really able to feel lots of movement at each chakra point. Also, I receive many awareness’s throughout the path based on the intention and how it aligns at each chakra”.


Build your own Energy Medicine healing structure

This Includes:

  • Two days of dedicated Instruction
  • Handouts for class
  • Building material (stakes, rocks, measuring tapes, etc.)
  • Take home instruction for repeating the building process

This does not include:

  • drawing material (paper, pens, compasses)
  • dowsing rods
  • room and board

Meet Your Guide



Dominique Susani

is a Master Builder from France and is an expert of the ancient art of stones and building sacred structures. He is an authority on earth energies and their impact on human beings and has mastered harmonizing spaces for the benefit of all life. He is a fascinating teacher, full of secret knowledge and helps his students decode the energies of sacred sites.

Dominique is currently teaching Master Builder Certification courses around the world and is available to teach workshops about how to build powerfully healing labyrinths, Chakra Paths, stone circles, garden and meditation space design. His teaching style is very hands on and experiential. Students learn how to feel and sense with their bodies and apply this wisdom to creating sacred and healing structures of  their own.

Dominique is a co-author of “Earth Alchemy – Aligning Your Home with Nature’s Energies” which is a comprehensive practical guide to creating harmonious relationship with trees, plants and other elements of the natural world. He is currently working on the greatly anticipated book about Sacred Geometry.


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