Join us in Mumbai, India – March 22-24, 2019!

For a 3-day class called the Introduction of Solar Geometry:
 The Real Basement of the Vastu
The Solar Mandala is the key to unlocking lost knowledge contained in the Vastu.

During the Introduction to Solar Geometry – the Real Basement of the Vastu, we will explore many subjects including:

  • The solsticial quadrilateral and how to use it in your practice.
  • The five elements and how to find them in the mandala.
  • Enhancing your ability to body dowse – essential for understanding how the Solar Mandala works.
  • Earth Energies – How they affect our lives.
  • Earth Acupuncture – how to harmonize homes, offices, and the land.

Secrets of Sacred Geometry Tour to Bhutan

June June 24th – July 5th, 2019

Fall in love with the cultural diversity and charm of Bhutan’s people and countryside. During our journey together we will see prayer wheels, stupas, temples, Dzongs, markets full of exotic items such as beautifully painted mandalas and exquisitely woven cloth, and of course, breathless scenery…

  • Explore the sacred geometry and energetic healing points of the temples, stupas, and sacred places.
  • Raise your vibration and balance your energy system.
  • Learn about the connection between your chakra system and energy vortexes found at sacred sites.
  • Discover how to body dowse.
  • Explore points of high vibration and where to find them in sacred sites.

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Be sure to check out The Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification Course

It is a once in a lifetime course. Full of hidden knowledge of how to design harmonious living spaces and work with sacred geometry in a way you have never experienced!

 Explore how to build happy and healthy homes and other structures with a pinch of magic!

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