Earth acupuncture is an ancient technique to harmonize the energies of the Earth.

It was used to create beneficial life-force energy for homes and other sacred spaces. In some countries such as China and India, it was used to control the “demons” of the place. In other regions, such as Brittany, France, standing stones helped entire areas avoid lightning strikes by discharging excess electrical energy from the site.

Our earth supports all life, and it has a life on the crust as well as a subterranean life.

There is an exchange of energies between the two. The crust of the earth is in perpetual motion, moving vertically and horizontally. These movements produce cracks that are called faults. Inside faults are currents of air and gas that produce heat (or energy) that you can feel at the surface. These currents of heat disturb life on the crust.

You can see the effects of this disturbance on the life above.

This is an example of a tree that is over a fault.

Look at plants, hedges, and trees, and you can see the drying effect. Hedges often have a break in their line, and you will see dryer branches over a fault. Trees have cracks or holes in their bark like the tree in the photo on the left. Many animals avoid sleeping over faults. These types of earth energies disturb the places in our bodies that contain air, such as our lungs, intestines, and stomach.

The faults have different colors and affect different areas of the body.

Yellow faults disturb the stomach and the liver. Red faults disrupt the small intestines and the heart. Gray ones dry the lungs and black faults are very carcinogenic. These effects are the negative side of faults.  The positive side of them is that they can be used at sacred sites to help produce changes in the body’s energy system and the consciousness of the person.

The second consideration is water.

For example, the water contained in clouds is charged with cosmic information from the sun, moon, and stars.  Then it falls to the ground, traveling deep inside the earth. Some of the water goes inside some of the faults, creating little streams of water. These can be thought of as the blood currents of the earth. There are small, medium and even big subterranean rivers flowing within the earth.

Example of trees beside a water veinThese waters also influence the surface of the earth. For people, water disturbs the endocrine glands of the body.

For example, sitting or sleeping over a water vein increases the hormone production of the thyroid by three times. It shuts down and depresses the other endocrine organs such as the pineal, hypothalamus, thymus, adrenals, and sexual glands. We can see by these effects on the endocrine system in this study by German physicist Robert Ëndros.  In this diagram below, you can see how the endocrine glands react in a neutral place. Robert Endross study of water radiation and glandsWhen the endocrine glands are over a water vein as you can see below, most of the endocrine system is depressed and the thyroid is very activated.

Robert Endross study of water veins and glands

Faults and water veins influence the surface. This influence is like a breath going up and down. As the currents whirl up, they produce vortex-like energy on the surface.

In different traditions, these subterranean circulations of the elements of air and water were found and identified by sensitive people with skills to recognize them. These faults and water veins were given animal names, such as dragons and serpents or snakes.

Ancient authors, like Vitruvius, a Roman architect, offer some information about how to find these hidden elements.

He wrote that to find water you must look at the earth at dawn. At this moment you can see lines of vapor, and these lines of mist are like the expression of the water veins on the surface. Others said that it is possible to see or identify the water veins by observing where the trees are leaning. But other people developed their ability to find these circulations of energy because their community needed water to survive. These people were called shamans, Zahoris or Sorciers depending on where they lived.

People developed skills with the body to sense water and faults.

They also developed the awareness that some circulations of water and faults were good for health and others were terrible. Most of these circulations are bad for health, and if you spend too much time directly over them, you are going to feel sick because they disturb the functions of your body.

As the realization occurred that these circulations could be harmful, the next step was to figure out how to avoid them. Animals were the key because most of the time animals find an excellent place to sleep, free from the adverse effects of earth energies.

Boars, deer, horses, llamas, sheep, and dogs all find good places to recharge their energy.

They know how to choose a safe place to sleep. People like the Berbers in the desert only set their tents up after observing where the dogs were resting. They knew dogs only lie down on good places to recharge their energy. Before building a village, the ancient Romans left a herd of sheep in the area for a year and then read their organs to see if any diseases manifested.

But of course, if you want to build a village, you are not going to find a considerable area free of all these circulating energies. You need to choose where the best places are versus where there is a concentration of water veins and faults.

For this reason, in some countries, they developed techniques that we call earth acupuncture.

Kerloas Menhir in Brittany is an example of an earth acupuncture point.Standing stones or menhirs were among some of the first megaliths to be erected by the Neolithic people. They realized they could avoid the lightning strikes by putting a standing stone on a significant crossing of water veins. These standing stones are one of the first examples of earth acupuncture.  The Menhir de Kerloas pictured on the left is in Brittany, France and is a great example of an earth acupuncture point placed over a crossing of water veins. Its harmonizing effects can be felt at a distance of at least a kilometer away)

In some countries, such as China and India, they realized that they could balance magnetic fields with standing stones and stupas.

This procedure was also done to close doors (or portals) where the demon energies could pop up. It is well known that in India, Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan many of the stupas were and still are built to control the demons or the evil energy of the earth. This is the Chendebji Stupa in Bhutan.Chendebji Stupa in Bhutan is an example of a Stupa built in Bhutan and is a type of earth acupuncture

To build a stupa, first, a portal or vortex is found.

This place is also a crossing of good quality water or even miraculous water. Next, a big stick is placed in the center of the intersection of the water veins. After you do this earth acupuncture, the spot becomes a harmonic point and will have unique energetic qualities depending on the color of the point The colors range from crystalline, golden to violet. Now it will harmonize the area all around. Next, the stupa is built around this point and expands the energy of the acupuncture point further because of the solar and sacred geometry used in its design and construction.

This earth acupuncture technique of putting a stone or a pole in the earth, located at a harmonic point of a crossing of two water veins, became a kind of standard for harmonizing places. It was also used by Vastu and Feng Shui experts to balance the energy of houses.

Earth acupuncture has evolved and is no longer the domain of shamans, Zahoris, and Sorciers.

This earth acupuncture point is harmonizing a crossing of two water veins.Now everyone can learn these techniques of finding water veins, faults, and their crossings. You can learn to tune your body to dowse for these earth energies and how to make correct acupuncture points to harmonize homes, land, and the environment. This earth acupuncture point on the left is harmonizing a crossing of two water veins.

Earth acupuncture training is primarily learning how to feel the different energies in your body.

Water, faults, and vortexes feel different and are experienced in different parts of your body. The ability to distinguish between how a place feels harmonized versus when it is not is an essential part of this method. Which why it was formerly something left to the skills of the shamans.

These techniques will be taught in the Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification course sponsored by the Boulder Centre for Master Builders, May 9 – 16, 2020 on the East Coast. Earth acupuncture is a small part of the training, but learning how to feel energies in the body continues throughout the entire certification and is the keystone for creating harmonious places to live and work. Check out our certification page for more information.

This article was first published in Star Nations Magazine, 2018.