St Michael and the earth energies associated with him are exceptional.

St Michael and the Dragon at Plestin-en-Grève, Brittany Every day I walk on the beach beside the village of St Michel-en-Grève in Brittany, France. There is a little church dedicated to Archangel Michael there and on each walk, I wonder what type of energy is inside. St Michael churches fascinate me. I love their characteristic energy and the images of St Michael standing over the dragon. At the moment they are my favorite ones to explore.

Let’s explore the characteristic energy of an actual St Michael site.

First of all, there is always a yellow/golden fault present and a good quality water vein. Yellow faults are active faults and are interesting energetically because of the upward movement of the energy. Next, there is a water vein situated above this fault, and this water needs to be miraculous or of good quality. These two earth energies combine to create the extraordinary healing energy represented by St Michael.

Why is this important?

Faults are the fire energy of the earth, and curiously enough, are represented by the dragon in the European Master Builder tradition. The water vein called a Vouivre (a serpent) in this tradition, is flowing above this fault. The fire energy heats the water and producing energetic steam. This steam cleans the channels of the body.

St Michael’s unique energy begins as a bubbling or tickling feeling at the bottom of the feet.

This bubbling opens the chakras in the feet. Then the energy travels upwards opening the channels or meridians of the body. In the Chinese acupuncture system, the first kidney point is at the bottom of the feet. It is called the boiling source, and when this point opens you can feel tingling and heat at the base of the feet, and then the energy flows up to open the channels of the legs. This process is precisely what a good St Michael point does!

So what about the church of St. Michel-en-Grève?

Is it an actual St Michael church? The answer is a bit complicated. Most St Michael places have a yellow/golden outside aura. This aura is indicative of what kind of energy you will find inside. The Church of St Michel-en-Grève has an orange aura, associated with fertility sites. The overall feeling inside the church is one of fertility as well. This sexy fertility feeling can be felt in your body and your chakra system, specifically the first and second chakras.  Usually, in St Michael churches the overall inside color is a golden yellow and is felt in the solar plexus or going up through the central channel. St Michael taming the dragon energies of the earth.

St Michael above the altar at Plestin-en-GrèveInside the church, there are lots of images of St Michael and the dragon or a Satan-like creature. Traditionally these images represent Archangel Michael’s defeat over Satan in St John’s Apocalypse. Satan at times looks like a dragon or a demon-like figure with horns on his head. Archangel Michael is usually shown standing on the dragon either with his sword held high or with his sword posed ready to kill the demon. These depictions can be seen as a reminder to us to overcome our passions and sin. At the top of the altar in the church of St Michel-en-Grève is St Michael stepping on a Satan-like creature with his sword held high above his head. But then, I saw something I had never seen before in all my years of visiting churches. The demon creature that St Michael is standing looks like he has a dragon penis!

Wow, now that is interesting. What is going on there?

St Michel over Satan with a dragon penis For European Master Builders, when we see St Michael over the dragon, we know he is doing something more than defeating Satan. The location he stands over is a place of earth energy; usually a yellow fault with the characteristics I described above. This type of point shows St Michael has controlled the dragon of the earth (the fault with the water vein on top) and has made it into a spot of healing for us.

But in the church of St Michel–en-Grève, this is not precisely what is happening energetically.

This place was an ancient fertility site, and the depiction of St Michael over the dragon-penis Satan can be interpreted as the Church taking over the energy of a pagan site and trying to control the baser nature of the people involved in the fertility cult. Many times, churches were built over earlier pagan sites. Countless cathedrals were built on top of dolmen or have menhirs and stone circles incorporated into the walls of them. In Santa Fe, NM, for example, the church of San Miguel (another St Michael church) is built over a kiva.

In the end, who knows? It was indeed surprising to see this figure in a church though!

Karen and the door of the Church of St Michael at Plestin-en-GrèveEven though the church is predominately fertility oriented, I did find a St. Michael point in the back of the church, complete with the characteristic yellow fault and water vein. When you stand at this point, you can feel the tingling energy in your feet as the energy begins to open your feet chakras and travel upwards. This fault and water line continues out the back door. Because of this, there is a beautiful golden vortex to enjoy feeling in the doorway outside. Overall, it is a lovely little church to visit, but it is not the usual St Michael golden yellow energy. The sexy, fertility vibe is fun to experience, and even though it is not the main event, you can enjoy a “real” St Michael point in the back of the church.

By Karen Crowley-Susani
First published 3/13/2018 as a blog for Sacred Geometry World

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