What are energy vortexes?

Energy vortexes on the earthIt is something that we at Boulder Centre for Master Builders personally work with all the time at sacred sites. The Sedona vortexes are probably the most well-known and talked about and there are many theories to explain the phenomena. But those explanations came up short in really explaining what is going on.

Let’s first describe what it is.

A vortex is a natural pattern that can be visualized as gas or liquid spinning around an imaginary axis. Some examples include the DNA pattern, black holes, spiral galaxies, tornados, hurricanes, cyclones, dust devils, or just water going down a drain.

How is a vortex created?

We can look at a cyclone for example to get a good idea of how it works. Basically, two converging energies meet and rotation begins. You have heat rising from the earth (the ocean) and cold air going down. There is an up and down movement and then there are air masses that converge producing the spiral flow.

Vortexes are related to the energy of life, like the creation of universes

Our earth is actually rotating around the sun in a spiral pattern as our whole solar system moves through time and space. The Hindu yogi masters say that the body is made of 100,00 spinning wheels of energy (spinning wheels in 3-D are vortexes). Chakras are said to be spinning wheels of energy too.

The vortexes that we work with are ones that are located all over the surface of the earth.

They have a tornado-like shape and has a color associated with it. For most people they are invisible, but some sensitive people can actually see the color, shape, and size of vortexes. Some are big, strong, and powerful, others small and weak. Some are good for health, and others are not.

To get an idea of how many vortexes are on the surface of the earth, during a certification class, we measured more than 10 separate vortexes in just one square meter! Vortexes can be located over subterranean water veins. They also can be found at a crossing of two water veins because a rotation happens when the two separate water veins meet. One water vein goes to one side and one to the other side, creating rotating energy.

Cosmic and Telluric vortexes

Examples of cosmic and telluric vortexes

These energy vortexes are stationary.

They have an equilibrium between the earth and the cosmos. Energies are come down from the cosmos on the sides and energies come up from the ground in the middle, and these two energies meet on the surface of the earth. There is also the reverse where cosmic energy goes down in the center and earth energy rises up on the sides. You can visualize the earth with a constant stream of energies going up and coming down.


An example of a place where the deer slept next to the menhir and its crystalline vortex

An example of a place where the deer slept next to the menhir and its crystalline vortex

Many animals know about these energy vortexes, and they chose a specific vortex type for resting and restoring their energies. Dogs, deer, cows, horses, elephants, boars, and more, all find a place with a good quality vortex to sleep on. These vortexes are often violet and are healing. They open the energy of the central channel. This allows a free exchange between cosmic and earth energies to flow through.

Energy vortexes were also well known in ancient cultures. For example, nomadic cultures would observe where their dogs would lay down because they knew the dogs would show them the best place to erect their tents. Also, in most churches, the apse area is where the priests perform most of their rituals and here you can find powerful violet vortexes.

What can energy vortexes do for us?

They provide us with an opportunity to help balance our energy system.
Each one has a different color and characteristic. The colors are like the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, etc., and some are connected to the chakras. For example, a yellow colored one is related to the solar plexus or third chakra. Others are connected to a body system like the lungs, kidneys etc.

Dominique Susani, European Master Builder, became aware of them while measuring churches to decode their energetic and geometric qualities. During his investigations, he discovered that there were certain places in churches where the energies were stronger. He also noticed that these swirling energies were felt in the body at specific chakras. He then began to perceive the vortex’s colors and felt in his body how they opened and balanced his energy.

Energy vortexes raise our frequency or vibration to a higher level.

This allows us to reach another level of consciousness. It is for that reason, in the most sacred places of shrines, the energies are very strong and powerful. This allows the priest or shaman to raise his level of consciousness when performing important rituals.

Blue energy vortexEnergy vortexes help balance the chakras, energy centers and allow us an opportunity to heal.

Temples, churches, and other sacred sites all have different vortexes of varying qualities, numbers, and strength. Some of these vortexes only open the first chakra. For example, their color is red, and it can be felt in the body as energy going down into the earth. There is a rooted or grounded quality to it that can be felt in as a warm feeling in the perineum. Green vortexes open the heart chakra and orange vortexes are usually related to fertility and have a sexy vibe to them. Blue can open the throat chakra or the third eye.

St Michael and the dragon are commonly used in churches to depict the energy of a St Michael point

St Michael and the dragon are commonly used in churches to depict the energy of a St Michael point

There are also special vortexes created with specific earth energies such as the St Michael point or vortex.

In these unique places, there is a yellow fault under a water vein. The resulting vortex is golden and opens the feet chakras. It is felt on the bottom of the feet like a tickling feeling. This healing energy travels up the meridians, cleaning the energy system as it travels up. You can read more about St Michael points here in our blog about Clues of Energetic Treasures.

In all sacred sites, the combination of the solar geometry, measurements, and earth energies such as water veins and faults create more powerful vortexes and healing energies. For example, when investigating the sacred geometry and energetical qualities of a sacred site, we look for several different things. One is the energy vortexes, we look at where they are, what color and what qualities they each have. Next, we look at where the underground energies (water veins and faults) flow under the site. Then finally, we measure the structure and use this information to understand how the master builder used the solar mandala to build the sacred place. A detailed understanding of this process with examples can be found in our book Secrets to Sacred Geometry.

During our research, we found the energy vortexes are always located in several key places of importance in each sacred site.

For example, in a temple, the first vortex is in front of the entrance because it helps prepare the energetic body for the energy inside. Then the inner shrine or the apse of a church has the strongest and most potent vortex and is always built over the strongest earth energies. Next, are vortexes in the side chapels usually in front of different gods or goddesses or saints. Lastly, there is a chakra path of energy vortexes starting in the back leading up to the most sacred place. The chakra path usually starts with red in the back and ends with a violet, golden or crystalline vortex at the inner shrine or altar.

Kergornec menhir in Brittany has a crystalline vortex that relates to the lungs.

Kergornec menhir in Brittany has a crystalline vortex that relates to the lungs.

Energy vortexes are also found in simpler constructions such as standing stones or menhirs.

There is usually only one associated with a menhir, unlike churches or temples that have many vortexes. Many times, the vortex associated with a standing stone is connected to an organ or body system such as the lungs or the kidneys. These types can be a variety of colors and can have nice healing effects.

This blog only touches on the complex subject of the unseen world of energy vortexes.

For us at Boulder Centre for Master Builders, energy vortexes are fun, surprising and a joy to experience. Finding energy vortexes adds to the wonder of visiting a sacred site. In addition to the awe and beauty of the place, there is a direct experience with the healing energies of the place found with the energy vortexes. In this way, the sacred site becomes alive and is a much more memorable experience.

If you are interested in learning how to work with energy vortexes…

We have a couple of different opportunities for you. One is taking our Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification course. During this training, you will learn how to feel, identify, and by the end of the course, you will be able to create your own structures where these energy vortexes can be found. The Chakra Path portion of the course is a super example of this and you can watch our video of one built in Chile during a certification course.

The other option is joining us for the Magical Brittany Tour, October 2019. During this tour, we will be sharing the locations of the energy vortexes in each place we visit and how to feel them in your body. It is a wonderful way to deepen your connection and receive an energy tune-up!

by Karen Crowley-Susani and Dominique Susani