Karen on top of La Roche aux Fées Dolmen

While driving in Brittany, France last December 2018, I decided to research places that were aligned to the Winter Solstice. As luck would have it, Dominique and I were minutes away from La Roche aux Fées, a dolmen aligned with the winter solstice just outside of Rennes. It is one of the most famous and largest Neolithic passage tombs in Brittany, dating back to around 3000 to 2500 BC.

La Roche aux Fées is easily the biggest dolmen I have ever seen.

There are around 40 huge stones that make up the corridor and the heaviest one weighs around 45 tons. As you can see in the photo, I am pretty small compared to the size of these stones.

The name La Roche aux Fées means the Fairies Rock.

Legend has it that the stones were placed by fairies, and really, think about it, how else could those huge stones have gotten there!?! But how the stones got there is a question for another day, what I am really interested in is what kind of energy will we find exploring this stone structure. What motivated the Neolithic people to build such an immense dolmen?

Side view of La Roche aux Fées

Side view of La Roche aux Fées

One of the most important aspects we find time and time again in megalithic sites is fertility energy.

Creating life was essential to neolithic man and their survival. This focus is seen everywhere in their sacred places such as menhirs, dolmen, passageway tombs, and tumulus. Many of the current theories don’t take into account the earth energies of a site and end up labeling them as a tomb. But interesting enough, folklore in many places continues to this day with tales of fertility.


View of the back of La Roche aux Fées

View of the back of La Roche aux Fées

Sacred sites are built over powerful earth energy points.

These points can be subterranean water veins or faults, or a combination of both. There are also energy vortexes that relate to our chakra systems. One of our goals is to identify which energies are present at the sacred sites we visit. (You can learn more about energy vortexes in this blog called Energy Vortexes).

To discover what energies are present at a sacred site, we use our bodies as dowsing instruments.

Our bodies are incredibly sensitive to subtle energies and once trained can quickly distinguish water veins, faults and other earth energies present at sacred places. For Dominique and me, it is a fun adventure discovering the elements that make up these special places. For example, what quality or tonality does the water have?

Inside La Roche aux Fées

Inside La Roche aux Fées

La Roche aux Fées it turns out is a powerful fertility site.

We found many water veins there and most were connected with fertility. Water in the form of springs, wells and water veins all have different qualities to them. Some waters are healing, some make you sick, and some are connected to fertility.

For example, there are hundreds of holy wells in Ireland and Brittany.

They date back to pre-Christian times and many are famous for the ability to heal diseases. I’ve seen sacred wells for eyesight improvement, headaches, backaches, wounds, sprains, fertility issues and more. The point is that water can be a  powerful healing modality and there are many different types and tonalities of water.

La Roche aux Fées is a very special fertility site because of the water veins it was constructed over.

We identified three different types of fertility waters! This was a first for us. Some water veins have a general feeling of fertility to their energy. Others have a distinctly feminine quality to their energy and these are the most common. Lastly, there are waters for men’s fertility, which are more rare to find. It is extremely special to find all three types in one place.

La Roche aux Fées was impressive in other ways too.

The water vein configurations are very strong. There are two water veins running the length of the passageway. One water vein is huge and the outer sides of the stones of the passageway mark the edges of the water. The other water vein is at a different subterranean level and is smaller. Then there are five water veins running perpendicular to the corridor. This is where we found the fertility water vein for men and the fertility water vein for women.

Dominique standing on a 2nd chakra energy vortex point at La Roche aux Fées

Dominique standing on a 2nd chakra energy vortex point at La Roche aux Fées

Inside there are some nice places to enjoy an energy tune-up in this magnificent dolmen.

Starting at the back of the passage tomb roughly in the center is a big 2nd chakra energy vortex. This means you will feel the energy in your second chakra. It feels warm, soft, and juicy and has a sexy vibe. The energy of this particular point also rises up to the 4th chakra and opens the heart. Many megalithic fertility sites have this combination of heart-opening sexy energy. The Neolithic people were experts at finding fertility places and enhancing the energy with their stone structures.


To best feel these energy vortexes at sacred sites, it is best to spend a few minutes standing on the point to allow the energy to rise up your central channel. Clear your mind and be in a neutral mental state. Then stay open to what kind of energy shows up for you.

Little side room in La Roche aux Fées

Little side room in La Roche aux Fées

There are two more places to enjoy a nice energy tune-up inside the passage tomb.

As you walk forward to the entrance, there are two rooms on the right-hand side. Try standing in the center of each to feel more 2nd chakra and fertility energy.

The Fairies knew exactly what they were doing when they built La Roche aux Fées with such massive stones and so many fertility waters flowing underneath. For us, it is a perfect place to learn how the 2nd chakra energy feels in the body. Of course, if you are interested in fertility…this is the place for you, it is hard to miss the sexy beat!

By Karen Crowley-Susani



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