Karen Crowley-Susani

Master Builder

Karen Crowley-Susani

Karen is a teacher, designer, and builder of Sacred Sites using Solar and Sacred Geometry techniques. Her experience is vast and dynamic. Her love for sacred sites began with a passion for art history. She received her degree from UC Santa Barbara and this began her exploration of religious and sacred sites. Architecture, anthropology, and the relationship between art and culture defined much of her early years. Her professional career took off with flying as a pilot for the Air Force Reserves. She was a pilot for Pan Am, based in Berlin Germany. Being a worldwide pilot and flying internationally opened her up to the mysteries of the world. During her explorations, her passions soon took a more spiritual turn. She has studied Interior Alignment, feng shui, space clearing, astrology, Druid Geomancy, sacred geometry and the Art of the Master Builders. Mastering and sharing the secrets of the Master Builders is Karen’s life work. She leads workshops, retreats, and builds custom structures and is blogging about her sacred geometry adventures. She is one of the authors of the book: Secrets of Sacred Geometry: Solar Geometry for Health and Life coming out Fall 2018.


“Karen has created a spectacular space. Her land is perfect for leading events, hosting workshops, and for healing. Not only are her healing structures beautiful – but they actually work. As a shaman, I see energy very clearly and her structures are perfect for people who are looking for a way to enhance their meditation, or clear out energy in an easy, non-invasive way. I can’t recommend Karen and her space enough”

Bonnie Serratore

CEO and Founder, Spiritual Acceleration

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“I knew of Karen through Interior Alignment® and knew she had a strong connection to the land so when we decided to pick a site for our Outdoor Stone Labyrinth for the retreat we are building based on feng shui and sacred geometry, I thought it would be great to consult with Karen and confirm my dowsing that I had done for the site on our property by Karen in the USA.  As a geomancer myself I know how difficult it is to take the emotional charge out of a decision when dowsing and although in a different country, Karen confirmed the exact location I had picked.  I advised that I was going to build a 7-circuit labyrinth and she came up with the mandala and sizing design that would be perfect for our requirement. Thank you, Karen, for your support in those early stages of development across the oceans.”

Karen Quant

Master Teacher Interior Alignment, Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, Karen Quant

I am so thrilled with the results of the labyrinth we built at The Sacred Earth Sanctuary in Colorado. Karen proved her expertise in Geomancy when she divined the area of a blind spring beneath the land and guided us in the sacred geometry of the design and measurements of the labyrinth in the ancient form from Crete. I was blessed to have women from my initiation group participate in the placement of the stones and have beautiful stones from around the world incorporated into the design. The construction of it was a beautiful experience and each of us walked the labyrinth while another held the divining rods as we walked. Each area is assigned to a particular part of the body and when the rods indicated an imbalance in that body part, we stayed quietly in the area until the balance was restored by the energy of Mother Earth. Many of us found that weaknesses in our bodies appeared where we had expected them to be.

This labyrinth is new to my land and I have just recently been exploring its magic. I have had many physical challenges in my life and find while walking it that I am so much more deeply connected to the messages my body is sending me. I am so grateful to Karen for the beauty of her gifts in its construction. My land is offered to my community for sanctuary and ceremony and this beautiful labyrinth is such a huge gift to my people.

Patrica Turner

Founder and CFO Tierra Sacrada, The Sacred Earth Foundation

Karen is a very talented labyrinth builder. She is completely in tuned with the energies of the earth to design a powerful labyrinth. We hired her to build a labyrinth for the Alexander Dawson School based on her knowledge base and experience. I was very impressed with all of the research she did to show how beneficial labyrinths are to educational environments. We were able to bring this research to our administration to gain even more support on the project. She was very good at breaking down the building process into easy to understand steps and had a clear idea of how to bring our students into the building. She taught our Geometry students how to measure the labyrinth and she worked with K-12 grade students to help build the actual labyrinth. She has a great deal of knowledge on labyrinths and knew which design to select based on our needs. We watched a group of unruly 1st graders walk through the labyrinth and come out completely calm, focused, and relaxed. She was able to create the right level of energy in the labyrinth to create a deeply reflective and calming experience.

Stacy Hernandez

Former Counselor Alexander Dawson School