On this tour of initiation, we will reveal how sacred sites operate on an energetic and healing level. Open yourself to a new perception of reality. Afterward, you will view the world around you with new eyes and skills. But the true goal and spirit of the tour is knowledge, spirituality, and fun.


The Gauls, the Celts of France loved these three ideals:

Knowledge, spirituality and partaking in good food and wine. 
On this tour, you will enjoy all three! As the tour unfolds you will enjoy fantastic French cuisine, increase your knowledge and raise your vibration in different sacred places. We will share with you the healing energies of sacred sites that were known by the druids, shamans, and priests. You will learn how to access and use them on this Magical Brittany Tour.

Discover secret places of healing, like stone seats carved by the megalithic people, fertility stones, sacred holy wells, and special crosses. Learn about Chakra Paths in cathedrals and churches and how they can balance and align your chakras. Explore the healing energies of menhirs and why Druids considered old oak groves to be their sacred sanctuaries. Discover magical crystalline and golden vortexes, and dip your fingers into holy wells.

When I stood in the center of the Crucuno Solsticial Quadrilateral (there, I said it!), I felt such a sense of balance and integration and belonging and rightness that I can’t adequately convey it with words. 

My profound thanks to Karen and Dominique for the unique experiences you afforded me. I have all those wonderful and unique experiences downloaded and cataloged within me to call upon (recall) when I wish to re-experience any of the myriad pristine energy frequencies I interacted with.

This truly was a magical mystery tour. And, as a bonus, I have learned a lot about working internally with my main chakras (especially the crown!)  and have incorporated that knowledge into my internal energy work. And the food was good too!   Thanks for everything. With love…”
Cherie Woods

What an experience! Such a fun, supportive, and information packed experience. Traveling around Brittany to discover places of magic, energy, history, and beauty—from the fields to the forests to the shores, down the side streets, and in the churches. Most places we had entirely to ourselves. Lunches in different local restaurants and dinners at the Gite made by a wonderfully talented chef….desserts just happen to be my favorite…and he did not disappoint. It was a trip beyond my imagination. As a “novice” to feeling and experiencing earth energies, Karen and Dominique were wonderful teachers. Their knowledge was both deep and wide and they share it beautifully. This is a trip worth taking….maybe more than once!
-Susi Gardner, Boulder, CO

Dominique Susani and Karen Crowley-Susani welcome you to the Cotes d’Armor region of Brittany, France, a place we call home. We will take you on a trip of a lifetime! Dominique has explored this region for over 40 years and we will share with you the best places we have found in our magical Brittany to energetically raise your vibration, open your central channel, balance and align your chakras, and access a clearer connection to your spirituality.
For us, sacred sites are more than something interesting to see, they are living structures and through our chakras and energy system, we can connect to them in a more profound way.  We will teach you how to access this secret magic!  Explore with us, how a sacred site is activated and feel how the vibration rises through your chakras.

“Visiting sacred sites with Karen and Dominique is truly a transformative – and fun- experience. They share their passion, curiosity and wealth of knowledge and information about sacred sites with you, but even more importantly, they teach and show you how to connect with each site more deeply and actually have your own personal experience of its energies. They demonstrate how to experience each site by learning to feel the energies in your body, going deeper than just a mental and informational experience. 

My experience is that it’s very easy to be told about information about sacred sites and then simply take that on as what you’re experiencing. Dominique and Karen offer an experience of sacred sites that invite you to drop into your body and connect with YOUR own sensations and feelings to have your experience of the sacred site. I actually come away with so much more than just information about a site. I now have an ongoing relationship out of this intimate and personal experience that stays with me in a very real and tangible way. So much more than just adding more facts in my head that I tend to forget over time and a check mark on the “been there, done that” list, experiencing sacred sites with Karen and Dominique is an engaging experience that transforms me!”
Sarah Hoskin Clymer – Spiral Path Pilgrimages

 Many cultures left traces of their time in Brittany; the Neolithic people, the Celts, the Romans, and the Christians, and we will experience it all. During our magical tour of initiation, we will visit some of the tallest menhirs in Finistére, other days will be spent exploring sacred mountains, 1000-year-old oak trees sacred to Druids, holy wells and special places shrouded in the mists of time such as the  Seven Saints Chapel of Vieux-Marché and the Temple of Lanleff.

We will also explore secret places that only locals know about. Discover hidden places of fertility and experience energetic healing places throughout the ages. With each, we will guide you in experiencing the special energies of the place. From chakra paths in churches to magical crystalline and golden vortexes, your energetic body will receive powerful upgrades during our time together.

Of course, a tour to France would not be complete without enjoying the gastronomy. French cuisine is second to none; enjoy fabulous organic meals prepared by our own chef and typical French breakfasts. Part of the joy of travel is partaking in the delights of the food and drink of the region. Start looking forward to savoring the famous French wines, ciders from Brittany, fresh seafood, delicious crepes with crème caramel au beurre salé – a specialty, and other fabulous food during our time together.

“I have done some traveling and have been on sacred site tours in the past. What makes the Magical Brittany Tour with Dominique and Karen unique in my view is that not only were many really special sites visited, but a great deal of knowledge was imparted. We could all immerse ourselves in the experiences made available to us as much or as little as we wished – from simply appreciating the beautiful sights, to experimenting with new skills to feel water veins, to embracing opportunities to use our senses to find chakra pathway points, etc.

Karen and Dominique are warm and generous hosts, attentive to our interests and our needs along the way and sharing their love of the area. I am considering taking this trip again!”
Dawn Danis, Therapeutic and Ceremonial Musician

Grand Menhir of Manio


  • Monday: Arrival at the wonderful Gites of Coat Aillis in Plestin-les-Grèves in the Côtes d’Armor of Brittany. Coat Aillis is close to the seaside village with a beautiful beach and other places to hike to daily. Pickup at Brest airport or Guingamp train station is included. Then take part in a delicious welcome dinner as only the French can prepare.
  • Tuesday: We begin the tour after a typical French breakfast called a petit dejeuner with a drive to the Seven Saints Chapel. It is a very special place that is a synthesis of the story of Brittany. A place that combines the energies of the megalithic people, the Celts, and the Christians. It is a healing place where time seems to stand still. We will explore the chapel built with a dolmen, special crosses called calvaires, and a holy well, making sure to experience the healing energetic qualities of all the sites. After a typical Breton lunch, we will visit a couple of menhirs in the local area, followed by the little church of St Carré and holy well.  Catered dinner at the Gites.
  • Wednesday: After breakfast, we will visit menhirs, mysterious holy wells, and Tronjoli, a sacred ancient oak tree with fantastic energy. Lunch at a restaurant and catered dinner at the Gites.
  • Thursday: After breakfast, we travel to Ploumanac’h, winner of the preferred village of France and part of the stunning pink granite coast. We will visit the heart chakra opening St. Guirec altar on the beach and chapel, and take part in a little promenade des douaniers between huge stones with some carved with megalithic seats with special energy. Picnic lunch and an afternoon visit to the St. Uzec Menhir and Saint Samson chapel and holy well, and menhir, calvaire de l’abbe Bouget, and the Bonne Femme menhir. Catered dinner at the Gites.
  • Friday: Carnac day is a big day!  After an early breakfast, we will drive a couple of hours to see the amazing alignments of Carnac; over 3000 stones standing in rows upon rows. We will continue our journey visiting the Menhirs d’Erdeven, eating a delicious picnic lunch​, and enjoying the amazing energy of the oldest stone solsticial quadrilateral called the Crucuno Cromlech. Catered dinner at the Gites.
  • Saturday: Our first-morning visit is to one of the seven sacred mountains in Brittany, called Menez Bré. Here we will find a little chapel dedicated to St Hervé and his wonderful healing holy well. Then it is off to the Temple of Lanleff, a mysterious church dedicated to Sainte Marie. We will enjoy a picnic lunch in Lanleff. Along the way, we will explore menhirs, fertility stones, and strange crosses.  Catered dinner at the Gites.
  • Sunday: After breakfast, we will visit the ruins of the Abbaye of Landevennec and museum. St Pierre de la Vieux Bourg is a wonderful old church ruin with amazing crystalline heart energy. We will spend time wandering around the ruins and tuning into the heart opening energies here. Then we will drive to another of Brittany’s sacred mountains, St Michel de Braspart and visit its little chapel on top. Dinner at the Gites.
  • Monday: After breakfast,  we will visit some of the tallest menhirs in Finistère during our Menhir Madness day!  This is an amazing day of tuning into megalithics and their magic.  Be prepared to be wowed. Farewell catered dinner at the gites.
  • Tuesday: Breakfast and time for goodbyes and drop off at Brest airport or Guingamp train station.

The Brittany Tour is packed full of surprises – and magic! Dominique and Karen offered a unique opportunity in sharing the wisdom of the Ancient Builders; from recognizing the chakra path incorporated into the design of a church to learning the language of the menhirs and sensing their healing energies. We experienced the refined energy of a thousand-year-old tree and learned that these ancient ones emit a very high vibration, allowing a connection to the earth and cosmos, just like the menhirs, cathedrals, and temples.
The price of the tour covered absolutely everything, including arrival/departure links, accommodation, all meals, all transport and site or museum entrance fees. The fun and side-splitting laughter along the way were just the icing on this wonderful Breton cake! It is a tour not to be missed!
Chrissie Heydon

The tranquil and charming Coat Aillis Gites, a complex of remodeled traditional Breton stone houses owned an English-Dutch couple is your home for the 8 nights of our tour. English is spoken here! There are kitchens and living rooms in each Gite and a separate common building for our meals; our petit dejeuner (breakfast) and our catered dinner at night. Bring your swimsuit if you want to relax by the pool. The ocean is a 15 min walk for those who love to get some exercise and enjoy the fresh sea air. WIFI is on-site, so you can keep in touch with your loved ones. Each person will have their own room, Some of the bedrooms have their own shower and most rooms share a common toilet. There are two washing machines with a clothesline to dry your clothes. We are far from the hustle and bustle of big cities and the charming Coat Aillis is the perfect place to unwind and relax from the craziness of life.

Registration and Cancellation terms:

Just $2150 for our all-inclusive Magical Brittany Tour.
Save $250 when you sign up through March 15th, the regular price is $2400.
Deposit of $200 secures your spot on the tour.

Cancellation Policy:
In light of the Coronavirus and the unknowns surrounding travel, we have modified our cancellation policy. You will receive a full refund, if the tour is cancelled or your situation warrants cancelling your participation.

“Ideal group size and fair costs. Karen and Dominique are a perfect and complementary team. They never act patronizing, give a lot of old knowledge on the tour and complete it with good food (French cuisine). The participants get an almost all-inclusive package, so they can focus on personal discoveries. Despite the group, enough freedom remains for the individual.”
Reto Barbon, Zurich – Switzerland

Meet your guides:

Dominique Susani is a European Master Builder and a true renaissance man. His sacred geometry wisdom is deep and includes hidden knowledge of building energetic structures that are healing for all life. He teaches courses worldwide. He was a professor of literature and philosophy and studied with Henry Quiquandon – the father of French geobiology and Raymond Montercy, an electric engineer who renewed the art of the master builders by using translated mathematics. Dominique is an authority on earth energies, geomancy, and geobiology and their impact on human beings. He a master of the Art of Stones and harmonizing spaces for the benefit of all life. Dominique is a fascinating teacher, full of secret knowledge and helps his students decode the energies of sacred sites.


Karen Crowley-Susani is a teacher, designer, and builder of sacred sites using solar and sacred geometry techniques. Her experience is vast and dynamic. Her love for sacred sites began with a passion for art history. She received her degree from UC Santa Barbara and this began her exploration of religious and sacred sites. Architecture, anthropology, and the relationship between art and culture defined much of her early years. Her professional career took off with flying as a pilot for the Air Force Reserves. She was a pilot for Pan Am, based in Berlin Germany. Being a worldwide pilot and flying internationally opened her up to the mysteries of the world. During her explorations, her passions soon took a more spiritual turn. She has studied Interior Alignment, feng shui, space clearing, astrology, Druid Geomancy, sacred geometry and the Art of the Master Builders. Mastering and sharing the secrets of the Master Builders is Karen’s life work. She leads workshops, tours, and builds custom structures, writes articles for Star Nations Magazine, and blogs about her sacred geometry adventures.