Our modern lives are all about how fast things can happen.

Everything is instant, we have instant information, instant directions, instant feedback, and of course, instant likes. Our pace of life is unbalanced in so many ways. People are constantly bombarded by too much information or too many commitments in a day.

Because of this, there is a growing portion of the population choosing to focus on the present moment. They want to take care of their own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. This includes taking time to develop life-enriching options like yoga, eating healthier, and meditating.

Meditation is an excellent key to slowing down our speedy world.

A straightforward definition of meditation is training the mind to achieve mental clarity and be in an emotionally calm state. With even five minutes of daily meditation, you can begin to slow down, quiet the mind and heal.

There are many options for meditation including specific practices with breath, chanting, mudras. Or there is finding music for just relaxing the physical body and calming the mind. However one chooses to practice meditation, it is fascinating to learn the place where you decide to meditate makes a considerable difference in the ability to achieve a calm and balanced state.

There is a direct correlation between the location you select and the quality of your meditation.

Most people don’t realize that subterranean earth energies can affect the caliber of their meditations. They just feel like a failure because their body wants to move, or they are uncomfortable, or they can’t calm their mind.

An energetic house plan with the earth energiesThe earth energies that I am exploring in this article are water veins and faults. They can be found everywhere just below the surface of the earth. If you could see them, it would be like looking at a web of energy covering the entire planet. You can see in this illustration of a home, there are many blue colored water veins and red and black faults flowing under our homes.

Water veins and faults are not relaxing to meditate over. They are carriers of energy and information throughout the earth. You can think of them like cracks or fissures inside the earth that electromagnetic energy travels through.

For example, water creates small amounts of electricity as it moves through the earth and this, in turn, affects the endocrine glands. Dr. Robert Endros in the 1960s did studies about the effects on people when they sat or slept over a water vein versus being in a neutral area.

Dr Endros and endocrine glands over a neutral zone


What happens is the thyroid, and the adrenal glands become activated, and the sexual organs are depressed. This means your body feels that it is in danger and becomes stressed. As you can imagine, this is not good for sleep or meditation. Just when you are trying to quiet your mind and sink into a deeper place of consciousness, your body reacts like it is in danger.

I have a couple of stories to help illustrate this.

Part of my work is to harmonize homes and workplaces for people. Harmonizations help re-inform the chaotic electromagnetic energy of water veins and faults into energy that is harmonious for life and our living structures. It also reduces stress, so the body and mind can more fully relax, both are important for meditation.

One home I harmonized was for a woman who had a daily meditation practice and a dedicated place for her meditations. I asked her if she had any problems with her practice. She replied she had great difficulties meditating. It turns out, she was meditating over some negative earth energies in the form of water veins.

Once I harmonized her home, we picked a more neutral place for her to meditate. She reported afterward that she felt happier and lighter in her home and was able to sink into her daily practice much easier. Her meditations were now a joy instead of hard work.

Another experience, involves my husband, Dominique Susani in Chile. He was contracted to harmonize a yoga studio in the center of Santiago because the business was losing money. He found the earth energies of the place were disastrous. After the harmonization, the owners of yoga studio told him the business is now flourishing, all because the energy was balanced!

Another time Dominique designed a meditation bench using solar and sacred geometry.

Like harmonizing homes, the bench was designed using measurements found in the solar rectangle of the place. These calculations are healing for the physical body and release the stress caused by earth energies.

Meditation bench, designed using the measurements found int he solar mandalaDominique used the measurements of first, fourth, seventh chakras found in the solar mandala of Boulder, CO. Then he used the measurements of the solsticial quadrilateral for the size of the seat of the bench. When you sit on the bench, the first thing that happens is you feel connected to the earth and the cosmos. It is like a thread is running from the middle of the earth through the center of your body to the heavens.

Thus seated you notice your mind doesn’t wander around and the physical body is calm. All the adverse effects from any earth energies have changed. The chakra system starts aligning and balancing, and mediation turns into a pleasure, flowing easily.

Having a good connection between the earth and the cosmos is a vital part of meditation and reaching the divine.

One of the easiest ways we can achieve this is through trees. Many cultures have a deep connection to trees because they realize that one of the most important qualities of trees is to help us connect easier to and have a more profound link with Spirit.

For example, the Norse have a tree of life called Yggdrasil. The sycamore was the Egyptian’s tree of life and was also regarded as the tree of meditation. For the Druids, the ancient oak trees in the forest were their shrine. Indian yogis have a tradition of meditating underneath a tree and Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment sitting under the Bodhi tree (Ficus religiosa).

Ancient oak trees are wonderful to meditate under, they connect us directly to spirit.The best place to connect with the divine is under an ancient tree. Old trees have amazing energy that surrounds them that becomes more and more refined as they age and is a higher vibration. When we sit underneath an older tree, we can use their refinement of energy to deepen our own spirituality. May you find your own meditation practice and perhaps even discover your own personal Bodhi tree.

By Karen Crowley-Susani
First published in the May 2019 edition of Star Nations Magazine.