We are pleased to introduce Maria Guerrero, an architect who is taking our Secrets to Sacred Geometry Certification course. Here is her guest blog called Menhirs and Modern Architecture:

My first time experiencing menhirs was out of this world.

Feeling the energetic qualities of St Uzec Menhir

Feeling the energetic qualities of St Uzec Menhir

I first began feeling earth and cosmic energies when I began my sacred geometry certification one year ago with Dominique and Karen. So, I was very excited when I visited them in Brittany because I was really looking forward to sensing the energies of many menhirs there firsthand.

But the story began when I quit my boring day job as an architect and decided to travel the world.

Being an architect was not fulfilling to me anymore, especially growing up in the western culture where bigger is better and having more means happiness. Not only did we lose touch with how to design sacred architecture, but also with our health and balanced lifestyle.

During my travels, I began to learn that architects from the neolithic era worked with the stars, the moon, the sun and the energies of the earth to create the most powerful and timeless structures in the entire world, which amaze me today.

As I began feeling the energies of the menhirs, it helped me connect to how real architecture should indeed be and feel. For example, placing just one single stone on a good vortex of the land will create a powerful high energy ambiance. Of course, the opposite can happen and does happen when we don’t take into account the subterranean energies from the water veins, faults.

Imagine a home designed like a menhir, planned especially for the energy of the place.

Neolithic builders used measurements for the stone size that are directly connected to the energy of the place. It was a simple form of solar geometry. Then they placed the stone on a good healing energy vortex. This is exactly what I’ve been learning how to do in the Sacred Geometry Certification Course!

If you designed a home in a similiar manner, using solar geometry, the solar mandala, and good measurements, what do you think would happen with the inhabitants? Their lives would change because their home becomes a sanctuary, radiating heart-opening energy outwards. It will renew their energies instead of depleting them. Most of our modern homes are energetic disasters and are stressful to live in.

Standing in the shadow of the Menhir of Pergat

Standing in the shadow of the Menhir of Pergat

Back to the stones, with Dominique and Karen’s guidance,  I discovered a technique to feel the energy of the menhir better. All you do is to stand in its shadow. The shadow carries the frequency of the standing stone. The more substantial the shadow, the more you will feel the energy of the menhir. This was a cool technique to learn.

Then I learned a couple different ways to enhance the energy of the menhir.

The first way is by find ing activation points on the stone. If you have developed some sensitivity with energies, you can find secret activation points on the menhir to increase its power. Once you find this point on the stone, you can do a kind of acupuncture on it. For example, we wedged a small stone in the spot and the energy of the menhir intensified tremendously! With one menhir, my entire body became saturated with a 4th chakra heart-opening energy. I felt a connection with everything around me in a timeless realm. This is my favorite thing to do with a menhir so far :).

The next technique was to use magic squares.

Tracing the magic squares of Kerprigent Menhir

Tracing the magic squares of Kerprigent Menhir

This is a new concept for me and I am excited to learn more about it in the Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification. To keep it simple, all I’m going to say is that the physical world is only a small spectrum of what exists. The magic squares created by the menhir are like the colors that the average human doesn’t see. Magic squares can be perceived by body dowsing. It was a new experience for me to dowse for the squares and learning how to activate them. The stone’s energy again intensified afterward.

After this experience with the menhirs, I’ll never look at a standing stone the same; everything is made out of energy and is radiating it out to its surroundings all the time. As an architect, my perception of how to build a home has shifted dramatically. Instead of building a home that is only structurally safe, I am designing homes that are healthy and life-enhancing for the inhabitants. For me it will be an honor to design homes that act like a menhir. A home that creates an ambiance of love, peace and magic within; a home where you will truly be living heaven on earth.

By Maria Guerrero
I’m currently a nomad traveling the world, helping the world raise its frequency by designing tiny magic homes focused on the sacred geometry that I have been learning with Dominique and the Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification Course. If you’d like to see some of my work, go to my website www.casitasmagicas.com or follow me on instagram: @casitasmagicas

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