Home Harmonizations

Standard House Alignment for Optimum Health


  • Dowsing around your home and key rooms
  • Drawing the energetic mandala of your home
  • Identifying key harmonizing points for your home


  • Creates an energetic protection around your home
  • Your home becomes your ally and a place of energetic recharge
  • Stress reduction and better sleep
  • Plants growth may be more prolific


  •  Apartment or 2 bedroom house – $300
  • 3-4 bedroom house – $400
  • Large house with 5+ bedrooms or additional studios or apartments -$500                                                                                                                         

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Garden, meditation, labyrinth, cromlech, and medicine wheel design are all wonderful ways to generate health, recharge and provide life-enhancing energy.


  • Dowsing for good energetic locations
  • Creating a design based on the unique mandala of your location

Cost: Negotiable depending on your design needs.

Tree Harmonization


  • Identifying trees in challenging locations
  • Enhancing trees life force energy.                                                                                                                   


  • Allow trees who are growing over faults or water veins the opportunity to heal
  • Neutralize the negative effects of faults and water veins                                                                                      

Cost: $50 per tree with discounts for more than one tree.

We place stones in the exact harmonic of the solsticial quadrilateral of your latitude around your home to form a protective space. The solsticial quadrilateral, the foundation of sacred geometry, was used by cultures around the world to create harmonized spaces.

Wooden Triskels are hung on the walls to harmonize offices and apartment buildings. We use sets of 3 or 4 depending on what is happening in your space.

Labyrinths, chakra paths, meditation gardens are all ways to enhance the beauty and harmony of your yard. We would love to help you create your next outdoor project!