Heal your Land ~ Heal your Home ~ Heal Yourself

The Solsticial Quadrilateral Revealed Online Course is designed to teach you how to use the pattern of the sun to bring more health and harmony into your home and life. The Solar Mandala (solsticial quadrilateral) is the foundation of all geometry used to build all sacred structures around the world. The course consists of 8 online classes and 4 live calls, it begins Wednesday February 26, 2020.

The topics include:

  • Energetic Geometry ~ Definition and historical importance.
  • Body Dowsing ~ Historical use of dowsing and application in modern times.
  • Earth Energies ~ Subterranean influences, including faults and water veins.
  • Earth Energies – Surface influences, including Natural Nets, Hartmann Nets, and energy vortexes.
  • Solsticial Quadrilateral ~ History, definition, characteristics, and qualities.
  • Draw the Solar Mandala ~ Find the rhythm of the sun for your home and land.
  • The Five Elements ~ Historical use and modern applications.
  • Easy Ways to Raise the Vibration of Your Home ~ Putting it all together to heal your home and environment.


The Solsticial Quadrilateral Revealed online class shares practical ways to use the benefits of the solsticial quadrilateral to Heal your Land ~ Heal your Home ~ Heal Yourself.

Dates: The class begins on Wednesday February 26th and consists of 2 modules a week, for 4 weeks (8 total), and a live call once a week for questions, answers, and explanations. It will be recorded for those unable to attend. The class is self-paced and consists of videos, PDF’s, and interesting experiments to do at home.

Only $225 for the complete online course.

“This online course is super awesome, well organized, lots of information, and has exceeded all my expectations!   I personally hope that you will offer more online classes and books in the future”.
~Franklin Fick

“Fabulous and interesting, the course is clearly created from years of experience and study and a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend it.”
~Dawn Danis

“I’ve heard this information in classes, seen some of the slides, probably three times. These videos are beautiful, in both the visuals and the slow, sweet voice relaying the very coherent and simply presented facts that are the basis for Energetic Geometry. The choice to speak slowly and rhythmically supports whole brain learning. Fast delivery pushes into upper cerebral, and what you find in so many classes. But it is not so slow that its meditative, or trance inducing.”
Lola Wilcox