Part one of our Energetic Tools of Protection series

The Shield Protection Mirror Method: Map, mirror and compass

Many people ask us how to protect themselves from harmful energy.  They feel something is wrong in their life, but don’t know why. Some energies come to you that you don’t want, and they vary anywhere from anger and hate to wanting you to be hurt and employing black magic.

Sometimes people unconsciously send their negative emotions. For example, it can come from a painful breakup of a relationship or business partnership that has gone bad, to family disputes, etc. But other times there is a conscious intent to hurt you, and this is in the realm of using rituals and black magic. In some countries, this is very common and people know how to deal with these attacks. But for us who live in the Western world, we don’t have the tools to deal with these sorts of things. On top of that, in most modern cities there is a revival of people doing rituals to hurt others.

So what do you do if you feel some negative energy being directed towards you? The Protection Shield Mirror Method is an effortless way to redirect the energies back to the sender because those energies do not belong to you.  In fact, it is a shield you can use to protect yourself.

Protection Shield Mirror Method toolsItems needed to do the Shield Protection Mirror Method:

  • A mirror that can tilt up and down
  • A piece of black paper big enough to cover one side of the mirror
  • A map of your area
  • A compass for map orientation. You can use an app on your phone.

Protection Shield Mirror Methodblack paper on back of mirror



After you have assembled your tools, the next step is to cover one side of the mirror with black paper.



Orientating the compass on the map


Then find a subterranean water vein or place in your home that you can quickly move your map from side to side.  Place your map there and orient it to the north.




The Shield Protection Mirror Method: Map, mirror and compassNext, place your mirror where your home is located and tilt the mirror down 15°, as shown in the illustrations. Face the mirror in the direction that the negative energy seems to be coming from. If you know where the person lives, who is sending you this energy, then turn the mirror in that direction.

At this point, if you don’t know where a water vein is under your home, move the map and mirror to the left or right a foot at a time until you feel a sense of relief.


The principle of the Protection Shield Mirror Method is simple; it is resending or redirecting the energy back to the person, freeing you from the negativity. It is very efficient and easy to do. When you have the mirror set in the correct direction, you will immediately feel a significant release of negativity in your home and inside of you!

Here are a few stories of success using the Protection Shield Mirror Method:

One of the students of the Sacred Geometry Certification in Spain used this technique because he felt some negativity. After he oriented the mirror in the right direction, he immediately felt much lighter and freer. After some thought about the matter, he realized there was energy coming to him from a breakup of an old girlfriend, and there was some residual negativity still coming his way.

A woman in Paris was feeling a lot of evil energies, and things were going all wrong for her.  Her husband had left her and asked for a divorce. After they divorced the ex-husband still thought she belonged to him and was directing a lot of hate towards her.  She used the Protection Shield Mirror Method, and her daughter said after that her father had a health crisis and stopped sending the bad energies.

In Switzerland, there was a man who bought a company and fired the director for several reasons. The new owner of the company began to have problems with his gallbladder.  He decided to ask for help from Dominique and they employed the Protection Shield Mirror Method because the symptoms indicated it could be a black magic job.  After the mirror was set in place he felt an immediate release in his gallbladder and the gallbladder problem was finished.

Please feel free to leave a comment for us. We want to hear about your experiences using this method.

by Dominique Susani and Karen Crowley-Susani
© All Rights Reserved Boulder Centre for Master Builders