Enjoy diving in deeper into the Art of the Master Builders with these articles.

The Art of Geomancy is a conversation between two friends observing some of the wonderful things that happen after a home has been harmonized according to the Art of the Master.

Axis Mundi takes a deeper look into what we call the center of the world. It is an article Dominique wrote first in French and then was later translated into English.

The Black Madonna is a glimpse into Anne’s research into the Black Madonnas in France. She explores the historical, cultural, and geomantic characteristics of some of these sites.

The Call of the Holy Hill is a personal story of Anne’s ancestral calling to the Black Madonnas.

The Sacred Landscape and Geomancy of Svayambhunath is an exploration of the sacred geometry and earth energies present at this very sacred site. By Anne Z. Parker and Dominique Susani.