The Art of Geomancy and Sacred Geometry by Anne Z. Parker

Looking to the Earth and the cosmos for clues and guidance for the path of transition ahead and for harmony in the present moment.

“Have you seen the double leaves on the trees?”

“What a lovely, poetic metaphor for the feeling of harmony on her land”, I thought.

We had aligned her house in Boulder according to the ancient European tradition of Sacred Geometry and Geomancy three months back.  Her intuition and creative mind had felt immediately drawn to this work, although she knew little about it, thus becoming our first customer.  Latitude with Attitude ( was the playful and enthusiastic name we, Karen Jarldane and I, gave our work of reawakening the ancient traditions of aligning with Sun, Moon, the heavens and the Earth in the European tradition, a tradition progressively lost during the Roman Empire and further extinguished during the Reformation.  We are now a group of four, with Cat Dailey and Gaela Morrison joining us in this revival.

In the silence that followed her comment, I sipped my tea and relaxed into the beauty of her backyard.  I noticed that her eyes were looking up.  I followed, raising my eyes above the steaming rim of the cup to the branches above.  An audible gasp escaped my lips.  My mind raced for solid logic.

“It couldn’t have just rained on your yard…there really are so many more leaves…” my voice trailed off.

Our teacher, Dominique Susani, has said that when we harmonized spaces, homes, and land, it would enhance life.  I knew when we placed the lunar quadrilateral around her home that it would harmonize the body and mind of those within according to the ancient principles, but I had not banked on so much harmony!  Returning in three months to find the plum trees aching with loads of plums, her raspberries taking off in sudden and enthusiastic production, and her maple trees dense with leaves raised questions I had not given full thought to before.  Can working with the mandala of the land in this specific way, that manifests form in exact proportions, really magnify life energy so that humans, trees, plants everything is altered?

The ancient European tradition was suppressed and overtly destroyed, and then internally repressed by terror so deep that it nearly runs in our DNA.  The loss of this knowledge and these sensibilities in western European cultures has led to empty hearts that could damage the Earth, the indigenous peoples and cultures we had subsequently encountered around the world, creating a vast wound, a collective psychosis now so in need of healing.  This loss has encased us in ugly buildings, poorly aligned with the subsurface energies and oblivious to the movement Earth, Sun and Moon.  This situation further cuts us off from the naturally renewing qualities of life around us.

Our ancestors all over the world understood these energies and we can take this knowledge forward – to literally plug back into the Earth wherever we live.  This re-alignment to the energy field re-harmonizes our bodies and hence our hearts and minds- opening the door to a fuller heart and sense of care for life around us.  There are many ways we need to re-access Earth’s wisdom, in the form of biomimicry, green technology, renewable energy, and rebuilding resilient systems on local levels.  All this work connects us back to the language of harmony with the Earth that we so need at this moment in time.  Geomancy and Sacred Geometry is one dimension that can join and enhance this work in inspiring ways.  Aligning a home, or better yet, planning a new one on these principles (ideally made of green, energy efficient material) not only harmonizes life but also is said to generate a protective and more healthy electromagnetic field around buildings and places, counteracting the strong magnetic fields of our urban electrical lines.  This work on the grand scale of our ancestors – in large public buildings, monuments, hospitals, and public spaces has an even more beneficial effect.

You can think of it something like acupuncture on the land – harmonizing the house or public building if it has been badly placed, or finding the healthy places if you are building from scratch.  It is not necessary to believe in the principles of Geomancy and Sacred Geometry, it only requires feeling and becoming more aware of the sensibilities that we have, but tend to ignore.  This mere unblocking of our sensibilities opens our ancestral and future knowledge of these energies.  We can wake up and reuse our capacities to lead towards a harmonious, balanced future.  We, in modern mainstream American culture, have much to relearn.  We have much to explore, experiment with and learn about these possibilities.

With these reflections rolling around in my mind after looking up into the tree, I sighed with a kind of puzzled amazement, nose back over the edge of my teacup.  This was truly a gift.  My scientific mind was busting with enthusiastic questions, my heartfelt content. I could feel a path forward to the world we need to generate, a world in harmony with the Earth, climate and all life.