Example of the magic of rhythm at Santa María de Najera with columns and windows.

Rhythm is the spirit of life and the pathway to connect and enter into the divine.

Everywhere we turn there are rhythms, from far-flung galaxies, stars, and planets to the rhythms of our own bodies. We breath 18 times a minute and our hearts beat in a rhythm of 72 during these 60 seconds. There are rhythms in how we walk and run. There is a rhythm in the rotation of the sun, moon, and the planets and our seasons change because of rhythm and rotation. We have a rhythm with the days turning into night and the turning of the tides. Even our words, language, poetry, and of course music all have a rhythm.

Rhythm is connected and intertwined with life. When a sperm and egg meet, the rhythm of life begins. The cells start separating into two, then dividing again into two and the rhythm of two continues to create life. Everything in the universe is connected to and pulses with a rhythm. If we consider we are energy, then this energy has a pulse called a frequency. On top of this, rhythm also creates stronger energy.

As you can see, life in totality is a rhythm.  In solar and sacred geometry, we work with the rhythms of the sun. These rhythms are generated by the sun’s annual path of the summer and winter solstices and equinoxes. The sun is a star that allows the life on our planet to flourish and is crucial for the life of all living structures making their home here. The rhythm of the earth and the sun can also be thought of as a triad of three, the summer solstice, the equinox, and the winter solstice. A living trinity. This living trinity is echoed in our ideas of the divine. Consider how this rhythm of three is connected to the spiritual in the Trinity. Father, mother, and son; Father, son, and the Holy Ghost; Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu; Isis, Osiris, and Horus are all examples of this trinity.

If you manifest this rhythm of the sun on the land, you create sacred space. All things living in this rhythm of the sun on the earth will live better and will be in harmony.

The magic of rhythm of arches at Astorga, SpainBecause rhythm is everywhere, it is normal to use it in our lives. We can find this evidence in how the ancients built. Because they understood the importance of the sun’s rhythm, they used it in building all their sacred buildings. This gave their sacred sites special energy connected to the life-giving frequency and power of the sun.

What did they use?

They started with the simple pattern of the sun – the solsticial quadrilateral. (You can read more about the solsticial quadrilateral in the blog of First Secret This solar rhythm of the place has the basic trinity of the three, the summer solstice, equinox, and winter solstice, contained in its pattern. The magic life-sustaining energy of the sun is built into the structure and it becomes a sacred place because of this.

Magic of rhythm with columns in the Cathedral of Leon, SpainThe Master Builders did not stop there, just using the basic solsticial quadrilateral, they added more rhythm into their constructions. Think about all the columns used to build the Parthenon. They have a particular measurement and rhythm. Measurement and rhythm go hand in hand and you can read more about measurement in our blog of the Second Secret.

In churches and cathedrals, the columns all have a rhythm that supports the overall design and rhythm of the plan of the church. These columns have a specific size, they are placed at a specific distance from each other. The Master Builders played with using the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether and the measurements of musical notes to space columns. Many churches and cathedrals are exquisite jewels of solar rhythm.

Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification course, magic of rhythm with sticks and measurement

We can also use rhythm in our architecture and construction designs to create homes, offices, and buildings connected to the life-enhancing energy and rhythm of the sun. Imagine using the solar pattern of the sun, the solsticial quadrilateral as the foundational pattern of the home, then adding more rhythms in the very walls with the frame, in the roof with the beams. Then more rhythms can be layered in the design with window size and spacing, doors, walls, and so on. Another example of using rhythm within your home is with the flooring. We are doing some remodeling and putting marble on the floor. Instead of using a random size, we are using a size that corresponds to the solsticial quadrilateral of our latitude. Another idea is setting fence posts in a rhythm, planting a hedge or other plants in a rhythm. We are only limited by our imagination. In doing so, we create happy and healthy homes with a bit of magic. The secret lies in the rhythm of the sun.

by Karen Crowley-Susani
© All Rights Reserved Boulder Centre for Master Builders.

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