The Second Secret of Sacred Geometry is Measurement


measurementWhy measurement and what does it have to do with sacred geometry?

In the last blog about the First Secret of Sacred Geometry, we explored the role the sun plays and why the combination of the rhythms of sun and the solar net of the earth creates a rectangle called the solsticial quadrilateral. This rectangle is used as the starting point in building sacred sites worldwide.

This solsticial quadrilateral has very precise measurements depending on your location on this earth. These dimensions are connected to the size of the solar net and the angles of the sun’s shadow, both of which vary in size with latitude. To understand this better, let’s explore the recent history of the modern Master Builders.

The tradition of the Master Builders was revived in the 1960s in France.

A group of people called the Kergall group began the study of solsticial quadrilaterals in Brittany, France. One member of the group was Raymond Montercy, one of Dominique Susani’s teachers. This brilliant gentleman studied many of the ancient mandalas of the European Master Builders and realized that the solsticial quadrilateral was the main pattern of the mandala. He also discerned that the elements of earth, fire, water, air, and ether could be found in these mandalas and were also used in designing and building the cathedrals and churches in Europe.

The MandalaBecause the solsticial quadrilateral is related to the sun at a specific latitude or place on earth and its dimensions change depending on where you are on earth. Raymond Montercy created a mathematical formula to calculate the solsticial quadrilateral anywhere on earth. This transformed the study of the solsticial quadrilateral and the resulting mandala of elements into something our modern world could use. Before this point, we needed to mark the position of solstice sunrises and sunsets on the ground and connect them to the solar net in each different location. This could take at least an entire year!

Because of this mathematical formula, we know the measurement of the solsticial quadrilateral for any latitude and can decode what energies and elements are used by the Master Builders of churches and temples around the world.

We can use the measurements of the solsticial quadrilateral for a specific latitude for many things.

First of all, this pattern is something we can feel in our body. When correctly measured and marked on the ground, and weight placed on the four corners, we can stand in the center and feel what happens. The solsticial quadrilateral is a structure that is alive and supports life, so when we are in the center, it works on our energy system. Our central channel (visualize a small tube running from our perineum to our crown) opens and connects to the earth and the cosmos. This central channel then starts cleaning and balancing our energy systems and chakras. In the photo below, the students in the Spanish Sacred Geometry Certification are feeling the center point of the solsticial quadrilateral. This is a very important part of the training, developing the sensitivity to feel the energy of the sun, moon, and all the elements manifested in the mandala.

The solsticial quadrilateral

Now, what can be done with this precise measurement?

When you build a structure using the solsticial quadrilateral as the foundation your design is alive and life-enhancing. Trees, for example, recognize the solsticial quadrilateral as alive and connect their energy to it, just like they do with another tree. Dogs love the energy and always find the center point to recharge their energy. Plants thrive when being planted in a measurement connected to the solsticial quadrilateral. These are just a few of the benefits of how using precise measurement you can affect the environment around you.

It can also be used to harmonize homes. The solsticial quadrilateral helps neutralize the noxious electromagnetic earth energies that are found in the earth below our homes. These energies include water veins, faults, Hartmann and Curry grids and using this pattern can bring big relief to homes affected by these earth energies.

7 circuit labyrinthThe solsticial quadrilateral can be used to build anything from homes, office buildings and energetic structures like labyrinths to simple things like dog houses, gardens, beehives, and chicken coops. All of these structures are uniquely life-enhancing because of this second secret of measurement.

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In the Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification Course, May 9-16, 2020, Dominique Susani, will teach you how to calculate this fantastic measurement, and how to use it in art, designs, building structures, and much more. It is a once in a lifetime course that will change your life!


by Karen Crowley-Susani
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