Secret Number One is the foundation of sacred geometry.

The sun has a huge impact on life here on earth, Humans have worshipped the sun, studied the sun, created huge megalithic structures, temples, and churches all aligned to the sun and its movement through the sky. The fascination with the sun and its life-giving energy have given rise to what we call in modern times, sacred geometry. But it is probably more correct to call it solar geometry.

NewgrangeFor our ancestors, watching the sun was an important part of life, It travels north and south each year stopping and reversing directions at the solstices. Many megalithic structures are aligned to these stopping points. Newgrange in Ireland is an example of alignment to the winter solstice sunrise, Stonehenge in England is an example of alignment to the Summer solstice sunrise.

But our ancestors did more than just align their structures to the solstice sunrises and sunsets, they noticed that these four directions could form a rectangle. In the illustration below, you can visualize what they understood if they marked the directions of the solstice sun. The next part of this discovery is what could be the dimensions of this rectangle?



Angles of the Solsticial QuadrilateralWell, the earth has a pattern that arises naturally from the earth. It was “re-discovered” by Dr. Peyre, in the 1930s. It is an electromagnetic grid arising from the center of the earth connected to the sun. It is strong during the day when the sun is out and moves and becomes weak during the night. It goes by other names too; the Natural Net and the Solar Net.

This grid or net can be felt in the body and we can assume our ancestors identified it because of this. Now, when you connect the suns solstice angles to this Solar Net, you get a pattern we call the Solsticial Quadrilateral. The yellow rectangle below is the solsticial quadrilateral for Boulder, CO.

Solar net, Peyre Net, Natural Net

Its dimensions are different for each place or latitude on earth because the angle of the sun is different as well as the size of the Solar Net. For example, when you are close to the equator, the sun is higher in the sky and the pattern is a long rectangle. If you are more north of the equator, Moscow for example, the sun sits much lower in the sky and the pattern is a square.

Solsticial quadrilateral at Crucuno, FranceThe solsticial quadrilateral is a blend of the patterns of the cosmos with the energies of the earth. It is a very harmonious structure and is life-enhancing. Our ancestors recognized this and used its pattern for all of their sacred structures. We have one super example of a solsticial quadrilateral in Plouharnel, France near Carnac. This stone rectangle corresponds exactly to the solsticial quadrilateral of this place.

This solsticial quadrilateral and it’s connection to the sun is our first secret. It is the beginning point of all sacred geometry.

Solsticial quadrilateral

For a deeper understanding of what a solsticial quadrilateral is and how it works, in all of Dominique’s classes, we trace the solsticial quadrilateral on the ground, mark it with bamboo sticks and then a person stands in each corner and in the center. The weight on the corners activates the solsticial quadrilateral so the cosmic pattern of the sun connects to the solar net of the earth and we can feel what happens in our body when this occurs.

This is a big “Aha” moment for most people. The solsticial quadrilateral is alive, it opens your central channel and you can imagine this as a line running up and down the center of your body, connecting deep into the earth and up into the cosmos. After you feeling this, you understand at a body level how sacred sites work on a totally different level.

This basic pattern can be used to harmonize the energy of our homes, we can use it to build new homes or other structures that are life-enhancing and feel totally different from our lifeless modern buildings. There is an entire mandala that arises from this simple pattern, connected to the elements, chakras, and musical notes.

We hope you enjoyed learning about this First Secret to Sacred Geometry. It is the most important one and is the foundation for everything else that follows. Click here to read the next blog about the Second Secret of Sacred Geometry, Measurement.

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by Karen Crowley-Susani
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