Looking out on the Beara Peninsula. We can see some big stones that are part of a megalithic healing site.

Looking out on the Beara Peninsula. We can see some big stones that are part of a megalithic healing site.

by Karen Crowley-Susani and Dominique Susani

With a title like that, where do I start? Maybe you should grab yourself a pint, sit back and read on about the connection between stones and sex!

You’ll need a little bit of background to fully appreciate what we have been up to, so I’ll dive right in. Dominique is a Master of the Art of Stones. I thought it was a really cool title and didn’t fully understand what that meant until recently. As the story progresses I hope you will appreciate what it means better than I did initially!

Our story starts in Ireland, a place of magic, mystery and lots of stones. The Irish are very careful with their stone circles, ring forts, menhirs, faery rings, and the like. They have taken care to preserve them, at least the ones you can find! Searching for these places is quite another story.Hag of Beara sign, Beara Peninsula, Ireland

On the Beara Peninsula, ancient megalithic sites abound, many hidden from sight, forgotten by time. But there are some remembered by the local people and we saw offerings and stone piles marking their healing powers. Our first stop was Cailleach’s stone or the Hag’s stone. It is the place where the Goddess Cailleach was turned to stone by a Saint who built a church in the area.

There are lots of clues you can follow when looking for sacred or healing places. For example, are there stories or legends told about the place? Do people leave offerings or pile stones in a certain place? There can be ancestral memories keeping the place alive too. Our interest was piqued by the stone because it had a story connected to it and there were offerings left. What story was the stone really telling?

Dominique Susani feeling the energies of the Hag Stone

Dominique feeling the energies of the Hag Stone

For me, it is always fun to watch Dominique analyze places. He touches a stone or stands over a specific point to feel what energies are present. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to feel what is going on. For example, many times a point in a church, dolmen, or stone circle opens and calibrates several or all of our chakras. Sometimes they recalibrate our entire energy system.

Chakras are connected to the channels and energetic system of our bodies. We know by the practice of Chinese and Aryuvedic medicine these channels are very important for health and are the most important energetic system of the body. All structures that tune chakras have an influence on the circulation of these channels. All the megalithic stone healing sites are tools to raise the vibration of the body to clean the channels and tune the energy system and chakras.

To me, the funny part of this stone’s story is after Dominique analyzed the stone he said it was a fertility place. This stone is connected to the Goddess Cailleach who in this instance is called a hag, which is a far stretch from young women and fertility!

These types of stones open, tune and calibrate the second chakra energies in the body. It was used for women.  Many fertility places work on the root chakra too, which makes sense when you think about it.

As we know, men and women’s bodies are different, so the places on the earth and points to feel in the body are different for the sexes. As you begin to tune your sensing abilities you will develop the ability to distinguish between male and female fertility places.

Fertility stones and a spring next to it.

Fertility stones and a spring next to it.

Sometimes we would have clues from the landscape pointing us to a powerful healing place. On our hike up to the Cashelkeelty Stone Circle, Dominique pointed out 2 rocks with a space between them. This stone combination is usually a fertility place for women, especially if there is a fresh spring next to them. I got the fun job exploring the energy of this point. It had very nice fertility energy, which for me opens first, second and fourth chakras. Fertility places prepare you energetically and physically for love and sex. So next time you find a stone configuration like this, bring along someone you love, a blanket and a bottle of wine and I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination!!!

Our ancestors knew how to do this and used different points on the earth for healing men and women’s fertility issues. All of the megalithic healing places are involved in fertility, the sex part of our story! I have found it interesting many of the stone circles and other megalithic places we have analyzed are connected to the second and fourth chakras. Sex and opening the energy of the heart. Love and passion, it never gets old no matter what century you live in!

Megalithic fertility stones on the Beara Peninsula,Ireland

Megalithic fertility stones

As Dominique and I continued our exploring adventures around the Beara Peninsula, we found a wonderful collection of stones, some huge natural ones, others tuned by man in the forms of stone circles, a broken dolmen, some menhirs. This area was called Cashelkeelty stone circle. You need to hike a way to get to the official circle, but along the way are other stones hiding secret places to open all 7 chakras.

As I watched Dominique work to find the different chakra points on these big stones, I was struck by his title of “Master of the Art of Stones”. Over the years he has honed and refined his sensing abilities to be able to find specific energies in many different places. I’ve seen him work his magic finding different chakra vortexes in open fields full of stones, churches, temples and more.

Dominique feeling the energies of megalithic healing stones

Dominique feeling the energies of megalithic healing stones. You can see the pile of stones next to a point he found.

The method he uses is to neutrally connect to the energy of the place, then connect his third eye to the place and open the energy of his heart. Next is the intention of finding the 1st chakra for example. He often uses his hand to find a connection or uses his inner sight. He sees the vortexes of energy this way. Then we always checked his findings by standing on the point to see if it opens the energy we were searching for. Some of the points he found had a pile of stones close by marking a point. These piles were not precise and again, we needed to sense with our bodies the location of the best energetic point.

Broken dolmen at Cashelkeelty stone circle, Ireland with offerings. It's a fertility place.

Broken dolmen at Cashelkeelty, Ireland with offerings. It’s a fertility place.

After climbing around on different stones trying out different points to find all the chakra points, we reached the top of the hill and the Cashelkeelty stone circle. There were 2 distinct places to visit. The first one has a broken dolmen with offerings in the center. If you stand over the offerings, you can feel an opening to your heart and it’s a fertility place. There are three other stones to the left of the dolmen and the biggest stone opens the 5th chakra. The place is connected to a point up on the mountain that we didn’t investigate.

Stone circle of Cashelkeelty, Beara Peninsula, Ireland

Stone circle of Cashelkeelty. You can see a pile of stones in the middle on the left and a little white stone that is the actual center of the circle on the right.

The next place has 3 stones standing and is a stone circle. The center point is not marked well and offerings are left near the center. To find the actual center you must feel for it. It is a nice heart opening and opens the central channel.

We adventured a bit further tuning into different points on the big stones around, many of the people left little piles of rocks next to them. The most interesting one calibrated kidney energy!

I love discovering how our ancestors created megalithic healing structures. They really found the winning combination of energies for their healing sites! Stones, sex, passion and who knows maybe they made a great beer!

We welcome your insights and discoveries with your comments and if you are interested learning more about how to sense energies at sacred sites, dowsing, and sacred geometry check out our certification course called the Secrets of Sacred Geometry.

Until next time!

Karen and Dominique
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