Drombeg Stone circle view

A beautiful view of Drombeg Stone Circle, County Cork, Ireland

By Karen Jarldane and Dominique Susani

Stone circles have always fascinated me. I have often wondered why they were built and what they were used for.

I’ve had glimpses of what these cromlechs (another name for stone circles) were used for in different classes I’ve taken over the years with Dominique Susani, European Master Builder and Sacred Geometry expert. We actually built one and the fun part was using it afterward! What you do is walk around the stone circle, this activates and opens the cromlech, sending healing energy to the center. Then we took turns standing in the middle feeling the energy generated by our walking around the little megalithic structure. It was definitely the highlight of the Cromlech building class!

In the European tradition stories were about how the energy of stone circles was opened by people turning counterclockwise around them. It was called a “Crane Dance and the purpose of it was to activate the stone circle for healing. One person would stand in the center while the community danced around it.

The signpost of Drombeg stone circle

The signpost of Drombeg stone circle

After this class, I knew there was more to ancient stone circles than I first imagined but still didn’t know how to really open or activate them during my travels. Luckily for me all that changed last month, when Dominique and I decided to analyze Drombeg Stone circle.

Drombeg stone circle is in Cork County, Ireland. It is one of the most famous stone circles in that area. After excavating it, the archeologists did a pretty good job re-orienting the stones. The circle contains all 17 stones originally used to build it. Many times stone circles will be damaged, broken, or scattered around, but with Drombeg, the integrity of the circle was still there.


Megalithic healing structures are prevalent in Europe. Some are hidden in forests, others are in plain sight, but the knowledge of their power has been lost by time. Dominique has been studying them for years and has become revealing what he has learned about their secrets to us. I love driving through Europe because sometimes we can see megalithic places by the side of the road! We’ve spotted fertility stones in plain sight, other times a lone menhir is hiding in the forest or an odd group of stones are guarding the entrance of a village.

I was surprised to find out that Drombeg wasn’t just a stone circle, It was a megalithic healing site. All of the megalithic sites have to do with fertility and Drombeg was true to form. A spring inside a stone structure is connected to fertility.  Next to it is a structure with connecting circles. I was eager to explore the area. What surprises waited for us?

Drombeg Stone circle

Drombeg’s recumbent stone is aligned with the Winter Solstice sunset. The two portal stones are aligned with the Summer solstice sunrise.

We started with the Stone circle and found that the solstices played a part in the energy make up.  Drombeg is aligned with the summer and winter solstices. The recumbent stone is aligned with the winter solstice sunset and the portal stones on the opposite side are aligned with the summer solstice sunrise. The moon, however, seems to be more important because of a secret place on one of the stones.

The solar geometry mandala of Drombeg. Showing the most important solstice alignments and lunar alignments.

The solar geometry mandala of Drombeg. Showing the most important solstice alignments and lunar alignments.

The most northern lunar rise goes right through this very interesting point on the right portal stone. There is an indentation that looks like a hand shape. When you put your hand there something actually happens to the stone circle! It is activated, which means it is more powerful and you can feel the healing energies more strongly.

Orbs showing up with the activation point at Dromgbeg Stone circle

Orbs showing up with the activation point at Dromgbeg Stone circle

My surprise with this activation point is what happened in the photos we took. As you can see, lots of orbs decided to show up! I think it must be a very special energetic point. In the next couple of photos, Dominique is showing you exactly where the indentation is!

Activation point of Drombeg circle

The activation point on the portal stone at Drombeg Stone Circle, County Cork, Ireland

Location of the activation point of Drombeg circle

Dominique showing the location of the activation point on the portal stone at Drombeg Stone circle









Because this point is connected to the moon, there is a link to the psyche. The stone circle opens the 7th chakra as well. If you are going to activate the circle, be aware that your thoughts are very important because of the psyche connection. It is fun to do this with another person, that way you can take turns being in the middle, while the other person activates the circle.  Quiet your mind and give thanks and love for this experience and your friend will thank you for the wonderful energy!

Drombeg Stone Circle contains 17 stones. In the Master Builder tradition, 17 is the number of the initiate. Sometimes on petroglyphs, you will find a picture of a shaman with 17 feathers. This circle could have been used for initiations, which makes sense since it is connected to the 7th chakra and the psyche.

Drombeg's three circles reminiscent of the Great Goddess temples of Malta

This area contains three circular structures that are reminiscent of the Great Goddess temples of Malta. They look like a woman’s shape.

The next place to visit at Drombeg is a set of 3 circles of stones that look reminiscent of a woman’s body. They are very similar to the Mother Goddess temples in Malta. During our onsite analysis, we discovered the biggest circle opens the 1st and 2nd chakras. The second circle opens the 3rd, 4th, 5th chakras. Then the smallest circle opens the energy of the entire energy system including the 6th and 7th chakras. It is a nice place to visit and receive an alignment before going over to the springs and fertility area. Make sure you stand in the center of each of these circles. That is where the energy is the strongest.

The Golden mean rectangle bath and spring to the right side

The Golden mean rectangle bath and spring to the right side

The place of the springs is definitely a female fertility place. Springs are common features found in many fertility places. The spring is connected underground to a rectangular pool. The pool is made with the measurements of the golden mean. The golden mean is one of the basic rhythms in the development of all living things. It is in the DNA of all living structures from the smallest plants to the largest solar system and galaxies. Dominique hasn’t been able to figure out why they used this dimension. It is the first time he has seen the Golden Mean used at a megalithic site. At the east end of the rectangular pool, there is a little round place to stand. This is the fertility point for women! If you stand there, you can feel your 2nd chakra begin to open and align! As you can see I liked the spot!

Karen in the fertility spot by the golden mean pool

Karen in the fertility spot by the golden mean pool

In conclusion, Drombeg Stone Circle is a very nice place to visit when traveling to the emerald isle of Ireland. It has some good energetic points to feel and enjoy that raise your vibration and clean your energy system. It was fun learning another secret about stone circles as well. Who knew there were special places in the stones themselves that can be used to activate the energy of the stone circle? I sure didn’t!!  I can’t wait for my next stone circle adventure, who knows what we will find there.

To learn more about the Drombeg a friend of ours has written an amazing book called: Secrets of Drombeg – The Stone Circle and Fulacht Fladh. You can find out more and preorder it here.

To learn more about how to work with the energies of stone circles and sacred site check out our Secrets of Sacred Geometry Certification Course.

We would love to hear about your experiences at stone circles or Drombeg!

by Karen Crowley-Susani
© All Rights Reserved Boulder Centre for Master Builders 2016