I’m passionate about investigating the energies of sacred sites.

Heart in a door of a chapelFor me, it is fascinating to discover the varying types of earth energies and sacred geometry used to build a holy place. Different cultures, depending on their world view, emphasize particular elements in their sacred places. In this blog, I’m going to take a look at the use of the heart chakra energy in a few different types of civilizations.

First of all, I’d like to explain how sacred sites work.

All sacred places are built using the energies of the earth in the form of water veins, faults, and earth vortexes. Earth vortexes are naturally occurring energies on earth that can be found by dowsers and are related to our chakra system. They can be seen by people who perceive auras, they have colors and are felt in our chakras. These earth vortexes can also be manifested by the use of precise measurements found in the solar mandala of the place.

Earth energies are the power behind sacred sites.

Next is the solar and sacred geometry measurements that the master builders used to build their temples and cathedrals. Within the solar mandala of a place, the master builders could find and use the measurements of the elements and chakras to build with great precision places that relate to different chakras.

We are going to start our journey into the use of the heart chakra energies with the Neolithic people. These people were very sensitive to the energies of the earth and used their sophisticated skills to create finely tuned stone structures. They found big crossings of water to place their standing stones upon and the stone was always the size of the two water crossings. When a huge stone is erected on an active place of earth energy the vortex of energy created is strengthened and radiates outwards. Distinct chakras and areas of the body are emphasized with different stone placements.

The heart chakra energy used by the megalithic people is usually found in a combination of energies that include the first through the fourth chakras. A brief explanation of the chakras is: the first is our root or connection to the earth, the second is related to procreation, the third is the solar plexus, and the fourth is connected to the heart. Also, most of the places where the heart chakra energy shows up has to do with fertility. When you think of fertility and procreating, it makes sense to have these four energies or chakras open and balanced.

For example, having the first chakra open and balanced is good because this indicates that there is a strong root in the connection to the earth, which is foundational for living life. The root chakra is also associated with survival and producing offspring and is an essential part of the survival of the tribe.

Next is the second chakra, which is connected to procreation and sex. Throughout time, it has been vital for women to create babies. In fact, the Neolithic people were so in tune with the world around them that they could discern different types of fertility energy and built separate fertility sites for men and women. There is even a life force fertility energy associated with growing crops found in sacred sites. I’ve also discovered a couple of places where this fertility energy was connected to the birth process.

The solar plexus is next in line, and this chakra is associated with emotions and personal power. Having this chakra in balance is essential for confidence and emotional stability.

Dominique and Karen at Keranscot MenhirFourth, there is the heart chakra. In megalithic sites, this green heart energy expands the capacity of a person for giving and receiving, as well as feeling love for the world around.

The Menhir of Keranscot, Brittany, is a wonderful example of a place where the second and fourth chakras are emphasized. It is a fertility place for men that also opens the heart chakra.

As man grew more sophisticated in the knowledge of how to use measurement to build more elaborate places dedicated to their gods, they created amazing places.

For example, in a recent investigation of a 2000-year-old, ruined Roman Temple of Mars in Corseul, France, my partner, Dominique Susani, and I discovered how the Romans used heart energy by their knowledge of solar geometry, the five elements, and the chakras.

The Mars temple is a big octagonal space with two side chapels.

The Temple of Mars, Corseul, FranceIn the center, there is very strong first chakra energy, powerful like you would expect to be associated with the God of War. It is created by the strong earth energies below the temple and the use of solar and sacred geometry measurements used in building the temple. There are two side chapels connected to the main one and one was connected to the solar plexus and the other was related to the heart.

When you put these three energies together, you can see the Romans were very clever.

The God of War was a powerful being connected to the strength of the earth, courageous, sure of himself, with a strong, brave heart. The temple built to honor Mars, the God of War, is a perfect example of a Roman warrior!

There was one other surprise in the Temple of Mars.

There was a little side chapel dedicated to the Roman Emperor Caesar, and strangely enough, the measurements connect it to the heart chakra. But after a bit of thought, it made sense. The Romans were expressing their love of their Emperor, and you could sense “We love Caesar” energy in this space.

The Christians use the measurements of the heart chakra in building their churches and cathedrals as well.

St Pol de Leon CathedralYou find it most often in churches dedicated to Mother Mary, because of her prominent role in the Catholic world with her compassion and love for humankind. But one the best examples of the use of the heart chakra is found at St Pol de Léon, France in a cathedral dedicated to St. Paul Aurélien. Here the master builder emphasized the heart chakra and its energy of love and compassion through solar and sacred geometry measurements throughout the entire structure. Most of the side chapels are connected to the heart chakra, the altar had a big green heart chakra opening vortex and hearts were even part of the designs above the altar as you can see in the illustration.

The use of the energy associated with heart chakra was important to the creators of sacred sites around the world.

Depending on their world view, the way it was used was different. These are just a few examples I have found in my investigations into the energies of sacred sites. If you are interested in experiencing this heart opening energy for yourself, join me on our Magical Brittany Tour in October 2019. Dominique Susani and I will take a small group of people around Brittany for 7 days to experience firsthand the energies present in a variety of sacred sites.

by Karen Crowley-Susani
First published in Star Nations Magazine February 2019