Wooden triskels designed by Dominique Susani

I love triskels.

The design has always called me; it is Celtic, ancestral and beautiful. Sacred geometry expert, Dominique Susani, creates the triskels I love the best because they are more than a pretty face! These triskels do a lot of work. They harmonize homes and offices. Triskels re-organize harmful energy into something life-enhancing. And even more, imagine using a triskel for recharging the life force of food and changing mediocre wine into good wine. They do that too! How much better can it get?

My favorite part of triskels is how they make me feel.

Besides turning bad wine into good, triskels helps to harmonize spaces. They turn bad energy into good. In fact, their main function is to change the harmful energies found in earth energies such as water veins and faults. For example, when you use a set of 4 to harmonize a home, the energy in the home really starts shifting. First, it cleans the emotions and energy of past people who lived there. Next, the triskels raise the vibration of the home, which makes everyone feel good.

Most of our homes are built on top of naturally occurring subterranean water and fault lines. These earth energies are full of electromagnetic electricity, which is bad for health. Our bodies don’t handle AC or alternating current very well. It is constantly oscillating up and down, instead of moving in one direction like DC current. Because of this it confuses our bodies and stresses it out.

Triskels are designed with precise measurements connected to the elements and sacred geometry of the sun and the earth.

Its design creates a small vibration on the walls that change the energetic pattern emanating from electricity and WIFI. You can actually feel the effects of the triskels action in your body! Your body will relax more and you can breath deeper. Stress will lessen as your body releases the function of always being on guard.

Triskels are easy to install. You place 4 on your walls in a very precise measurement. This calculation is connected to the specific latitude of the home and its unique solar sacred geometry mandala. This pattern connects the home to the sun’s patterns of solstice sunrises and sunsets throughout the year.

Triskel hung on stone wall as part of a harmonization

Triskel hung on a stone wall as part of a harmonization

Most people don’t know they are surrounded by harmful energy.

Our body protects and shields itself from the impacts of modern life. The constant hum of electricity is taxing to our bodies. As a result when triskels are installed in a house, one of the first responses is to breathe deep. Our breathing is much shallower in a place not harmonized. Therefore when a place is harmonized the body can finally let down its defenses. The feeling of relief is similar to taking a walk on the beach or in a forest.

Next triskels open up the central channel of the body.

This channel runs from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. Imagine it like a tube in the middle of the body where the energy of the cosmos and the earth can flow freely through the body.

Most of the time this central channel is not open and flowing. When triskels are installed in a home this tube begins to open so the energy can begin circulating easily. How this presents in the body is an awareness of the feet and a feeling of being more connected to the earth. Next is a tickling feeling at the top of the head, which is the 7th chakra opening and connecting to the cosmos.

The body can now relax after triskels are installed

After these sensations, the entire physical body starts to relax and you realize just how much tension is held in the body. The tension our bodies hold is unconscious and an instinctive protective reaction. It helps protect us from harmful electrical energy.

It’s been amazing to feel this relaxtion on a physical level, time and time again as I have installed triskels in people’s houses. Our bodies are such wonderful barometers of feeling and are very sensitive to subtle energies in our environment.  I never tire enjoying this part of harmonizing a home.

Golden triskel hanging on the wall, designed by Dominique Susani

Golden triskel hanging on the wall

My home’s aura is now golden inside and sparkly crystalline on the outside

For those of you who can see auras, houses have auras too. Most of them are dark colors and look very bad. Car auras are even worse, they are mostly black. When you think about how much electrical energy is running through a car or a house, it is no wonder their energy is not clear and bright. The wonderful thing about harmonizing your home with triskels is that the aura outside and inside changes.

If you put a triskel under the driver’s seat in a car, the aura changes as well. Also driving is not as stressful or tiring. Lastly, you benefit as the driver being over harmonized energy as you drive. Try it, you will be surprised!

Overall, triskels are a fabulous tool to help you and your spaces feel better.

They raise the vibration of your home and car, help release tension and stress from your body, and make your wine and food taste better. I have a triskel in my kitchen to charge water, wine, and to use as a trivet for the food. What else could you want from a beautiful Celtic symbol?

Wooden triskels designed by Dominique Susani

Wooden triskels designed by Dominique Susani

Triskels are designed by Sacred Geometry expert and earth energy specialist, Dominique Susani. After years of research, he created a tool to re-organize the energy of harmful subterranean earth energy. Contact us to inquire about purchasing them.

Boulder Centre for Master Builders is offering a 2½ year certification course called Secrets to Sacred Geometry. In this certification, students learn many things including how to increase the sensitivity in the body to feel subtle energies, how to design their own healing tools and spaces, how to built energetically harmonized homes, offices and more.

by Karen Crowley-Susani
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