Join Jiten K. Panddya, Certified Bioenergetician and Scientific Vastu and Geopathic Stress Expert in welcoming Dominique and Karen Susani to Mumbai for this 3-day course March 22-24, 2019.

The Solar Mandala – the key to unlock lost knowledge contained in the Vastu.

During the Introduction to Solar Geometry – the Real Basement of the Vastu, we will explore many subjects including:

  • The solsticial quadrilateral and how to use it in your practice.
  • The five elements and how to find them in the mandala.
  • Enhancing your ability to body dowse – essential for understanding how the Solar Mandala works.
  • Earth Energies – How they affect our lives.
  • Earth Acupuncture – how to harmonize homes, offices, and the land.

This introductory class allows you to work efficiently to harmonize houses.

This class is not only a theoretical class, but it is also very practical. Because we think a real practitioner of Vastu needs the training to enhance his sensibilities and abilities to body dowse. Which means you will begin to feel with your body instead of instruments. This is important because you will be introduced the energies of nature. Body dowsing is a technique we discovered and developed and that allows you to discriminate between the most important energies and to understand the ambiance of a place.

Learning about Solar Geometry and mandala is important because then you can find the rhythm, the measurement of the elements, and the best polygons of the place. These three factors help you understand the natural energies of the place. This is important because with this knowledge you can build structures, houses, temples. Also, knowing how to find the rhythm of the place, you can harmonize any place or structure. You will become magic with this knowledge and maybe, if you are gifted, make miracles. You will not forget this class!

Day 1Knowledge of the Earth Energies
What is earth and how it works in an energetical way
The main currents of energy inside the earth
Subterranean water veins and how they work and how they affect the living structures at the surface.
Underground faults and how they work and how they affect the living structures at the surface.
Vortexes of energy at the surface and their relationship with the chakras.
Lines of energy at the surface, for example, different grids or nets of energy including natural nets, Hartmann nets, megalithic grids, etc.

Introduction to Earth acupuncture
How to harmonize the land with acupuncture points (earth marmas)
How to harmonize houses

Day 2: Introduction to Solar Geometry
How the Vastu works with solar geometry
The rhythm of the Sun and the Solsticial Quadrilateral – the backbone of the mandala.
Genealogy of the mandala of the place.
Genealogy of the Brahma square.

Day 3: The Genealogy of the 5 Elements of the Place.
How to calculate the length of the elements in any place in the world.
The 5 elements according to the Vastu – Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether.
How to apply the elements to build any structure and to harmonize any place.

This short class of three days has three purposes:
1.  Introduce the students to the sensibility of earth energies and elements, so they are able to appreciate the energy of any place, including sacred sites.
2.  Present the rudimentary tools of solar geometry
3. Give simple effective tools that allow the students to harmonize structures.

I have been attending classes with Dominique for many years, learning the fascinating knowledge of the master builders of our past. A rich, practical, and ancient technology, which connects us to the vibrant power of nature all around us in a direct and simple fashion through the use of our own body’s natural sensitivity to the environment that surrounds us. Through this sensitivity, we learn to use our environment in practical ways to actually feel better, improve our living spaces, increasing the health of our animals, trees, plants and ourselves. Dominique is a wonderful teacher who brings a rich historical perspective to each and every class. Providing context and understanding of the why and how ancient builders created the spaces in which they lived, studied and worshipped. Dominique also takes this ancient technology and makes it practical and available for all who attend his classes and workshops via story, example, experimentation, and ingeniously simple exercises enabling one to travel home and use the knowledge immediately in their own living and workspaces.

I highly recommend attending any available classes and open yourself, through Dominique’s tutelage, to the possibility of having a sacred place, and a sacred space in which to live and grow.

Anthony Holt

Software Developer/Analyst

This 3-day course is $375 and includes lunch and high tea each day.

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$100 non-refundable deposit secures your spot in this popular class. The venue in Mumbai will be announced closer to the class day. The class meets 10 am – 6 pm each day. For more information, please call Jiten at +91 99205 89784.

To continue learning this important tradition of solar geometry, join us in an Indian Certification Course. A five module; 2 ½ year apprenticeship training of the Secrets of Sacred Geometry.

About us:

Dominique Susani is a true renaissance man, full of the fascinating knowledge of solar and sacred geometry, geomancy, geobiology and the Art of Stones. He is a European Master Builder and teaches courses around the world, including his popular Sacred Geometry certification courses. Dominique is a co-author of Earth Alchemy and Secrets of Sacred Geometry: Solar Geometry for Health and Life

Karen Crowley-Susani, a former Air Force Pilot, is a solar and sacred geometry enthusiast and Master Builder. As a sacred site lover, she travels around the world exploring and writing about the energies the Master Builders used to create their temples and churches. She is a co-author of Secrets of Sacred Geometry: Solar Geometry for Health and Life and is a regular contributing writer for Star Nations Magazine. 

The Secrets of Sacred Geometry; Solar Geometry for Health and Life is a super introduction to the Certification. It is an essential book for those interested in our work.

  • Learn how to draw the solar mandala.
  • Experiment with practical techniques to improve the ambiance of your space.
  • Explore how our ancestors built sacred places.