It is interesting when you learn something new that takes you to unexpected far-off places.

This is what happened when I first learned about earth tides. I had never heard of such a concept. Who knew that our earth could be moving up and down, similar to ocean tides? This idea opened the door to many other possibilities of reality and thoughts about the world we live in and how we interact with it and, more importantly, how it interacts with us.

One thing to keep in mind is that everything vibrates through the air.

Our earth is not a static ball of water and rocks lost in outer space. It is surrounded by a gravitational field and is an attractor of celestial bodies. The sun, moon, and planets all pull on our world. We are under the sway of these external forces.

Everyone knows about the ocean’s tides and how they are affected by the moon. But many people don’t realize we have earth tides as well. Our planet actually moves up and down each day.

As we rotate around the sun and the moon rotates around us, there is a gravitational pull on the earth’s crust, and this results in the surface bulging outwards. Scientists can measure these earth tides. They can keep an eye on volcanoes, and their habits and earth tides provide them with information about volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Earth tides

What we are interested in, though, is that every 12 hours, our planet and everything on it moves ever so slowly up and down, 30 cm or 1 foot. The most substantial distortion or bulge happens during new or full moons because the sun and moon are aligned, and the effect is, therefore, stronger.

So, in fact, we are in constant movement.

From the tallest mountain to the smallest plant, everything is in ever so slight motion. This is cool, but is there something else that makes this new idea exciting? For me, as a master builder, the answer is yes.

But let’s first define vibration.

It is the frequency that is emitted; or places or objects that emit. Frequency describes how fast the object moves. It is a measurable quantity, and this is an exciting concept for master builders.

In the western world, vibration and frequencies are connected to musical notes. For example, the famous fifth A (A4) is tuned to 440hz and is referred to as A440. It is the pitch that western music uses to tune to. It has changed over the centuries, but the range is between 432hz and 440hz.

Ancient cultures in Egypt, India, and Europe found that there was a correspondence between the elements and vibration. They also discovered there was a relationship between musical notes, emotions, and frequency. In fact, there is an entire Indian Sanskrit text called Natya Shastra, written around 200BCE, devoted to the performing arts. The last 6 chapters are dedicated to music and detail information about notes and their relationships with emotions and give their frequency.

Wow, how interesting is this?

First of all, each musical note has a relationship with emotions. Musical notes can express the gamut of emotions from sadness and hate to love, confidence, and joy. Because we know frequency is a measurable quantity, we can find a measurement for each musical note and emotion.

How can we find these measurements?

Example of a mandala, a geometrical representation of sacred space.Our ancestors found a way to materialize the measurements of the five elements and musical notes, by something we now call sacred geometry. They developed a geometrical concept that the Hindus call a “mandala.”  This mandala is a geometrical representation of sacred space.

It organizes our universe and depicts our relationship with the cosmos.

The central point of the mandala is that the shape is connected to the rhythm of the sun. It is a rectangle connected to the annual maximum and minimum positions of the sun.

It is called in my tradition of the master builders, the solsticial quadrilateral. This solar rectangle allows for the development of a symmetrical geometry that creates the shape of the mandala of the place. As the mandala evolved from a rectangle, other squares, circles, and polygons were identified, and the five elements were given geometrical expression.

The solsticial quadrilateral

This means the elements can be measured and used for building structures.

In southern India, they built five amazing temples, each one expressing and dedicated to one of the five essential elements. Nataraja is the ether element temple.  Ekambeswara Temple is the earth element, and Jambukareswara represents the water element. The Fire element temple is called Arunachaleswarar, and the air temple is Sri Kalahasti.

One the of amazing things about these temples is the measurements used to build the temple are in direct relationship to the element. One way the element is expressed in the temple is through the inside ambiance. Ambiances are the interior colors or auras of a place. For example, a clear light green color is consistent with the ether temple.

Another way elements are expressed is through feelings corresponding to the chakra system of the body. Ether is connected to the heart chakra and the color green. When you walk through the temple of ether, you can feel your heart open and expand.

These feelings and ambiance are created by the measurement and the vibration of our earth. Because of this movement, the entire framework, rooms, walls, ceilings, and the distances between columns are all vibrating and emitting a frequency that we can feel in the physical body.

Getting back to musical notes, because they have a frequency, they can be translated into a measurement as well and used in building. Musical notes are related to emotions, and their measures can elicit a variety of emotions, some of them good and others awful.

The knowledge that there can be good or bad measurements is nothing new.

The Chinese have applied this knowledge with the use of their Feng Shui Ruler, still used today. The use of it was first recorded during the Sung dynasty (960 – 1128 AD). The auspicious and inauspicious measurements were first applied to furniture, windows, and doors in the imperial palace, and the measure relates to the Imperial foot. Unfortunately, the Feng Shui rulers were made with the measurement of Beijing, and they don’t work in other latitudes.

A doorway at Labna, Yucatan and musical notesToday we can find measurements through the use of the solar mandala and its organization of sacred space for each different latitude. The elements have their correspondence to musical notes and emotions, as well.

For example, the element of earth is the note of C and is confident and strong.  Water is D and is romantic and erotic, E is fire and is sweet and tender. F is ether and is calm and peaceful, and finally, G is air and is happy and soft.

Homes can be designed with musical notes and the elements.

There can be individual measurements for each room. For example, in a bedroom, it is best to use the elements of earth and ether.  The emotions for this bedroom configuration are confidence, calm, tranquility, and peace.

Ether is particularly interesting to use when building because it is connected to life force energy or prana. On the other hand, if you use fire, you can get some intense and destructive energy that not conducive to sleep!

Example of a home built with musical notes and elements

The idea that structures are constantly vibrating is eye-opening for anyone sensitive to their environment. The ability to use solar measurements to create a specific ambiance and emotion in rooms and houses is a game-changer for anyone involved in creating new spaces.

You can now understand why I was amazed to learn about earth tides. This seemingly small bit of information about vibration fundamentally changed how I look at temples, homes, and other spaces. We can create homes that sing with the beauty of life and bring the body, mind, and soul into harmony with the universe.

by Karen Crowley-Susani, first published in Star Nations Magazine December 2019 edition.

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