A view of West Mound Dolmen at St-Just

We recently visited the megaliths at St-Just in the Landes de Cojoux, Brittany, France. It was a beautiful sunny summer day and we visited Maison de la Nature et Megalithes to get an idea of where to go first. After a little bit of confusion and poorly marked signs, we found our way up to the top of a plateau. The site has a birds eye’s view of the river below and surrounding area, which was probably why it was chosen as a good place to build. There is a variety of structures and it is easy to picture this place as an elaborate ritual center and being reused as a burial place by successive invaders.

There are two different time and building components, one belonging to the time and people of the menhirs who arrived first, and then the next people who built the dolmen. As we walked along the road, we spotted one of the megaliths that brought us to this place, the West Mound of La Croix St Pierre. Originally this place was a dolmen, buried under a mound of earth and stones. We can find many examples of such mounds covering dolmens in France, such as Lafont dans La Creuse and Orniac in the Lot valley.

West Mound Dolmen from above at St Just.

The first impression of the West Mound Dolmen of La Croix St Pierre is that it was built with the principle of the triple enclosure. You can see this in the photo, two larges circles enclosing the third smaller one. This triple enclosure is a physical and energetic protection of the sacred energies contained in the center. It is a well-known device used by many cultures around the world. The shape can be found in petroglyphs as well as in elaborate cathedrals that use it in the design of their most holy place.

The next thing we took note of as we explored the area is the telluric or subterranean energies. Earth energies are one of the most important things that make up a sacred site. If you don’t have good quality earth energies below your structure, it won’t have the powerful healing qualities we associate with a sacred place. There is nothing to power your machine!

Earth energies of the West Mound Dolmen at St-Just

We discovered three main water veins and a fault crossing in the center of the smallest circle. The fault is yellow in color and passes underneath the many water veins as you can see in the photo. Yellow faults have different qualities than normal faults. Their energy rises up toward the surface and since it is the fire energy of the earth when it is under a water vein, it energetically heats the water turning it to steam. This steam is the magic that helps open, cleanse, and balance our energy systems.

Telluric energies also include earth vortexes, which emanate like a spiral from the earth. They occur naturally and are all around us. At sacred sites, their energy strength is enhanced by the solar and sacred geometry used to build the structure. At the West Mound Dolmen, we found an impressive violet vortex at the center, right above the crossing of water veins and fault. It was very strong and could be disturbing for some people because of its clarity and power. Most megalithic sites are very strong, they are not subtle. You can see the similarity in the stones used to build them, they are big and powerful, same for the energy!

The sacred geometry of the West Mound Dolmen of St-Just.

Then we analyzed the geometry of the place. St-Just is located in the small number of latitudes in which their solar rectangle (solsticial quadrilateral) is the same size as the 3-4-5 triangle. The 3-4-5 triangle is connected to the Golden Mean, which means the solsticial quadrilateral is connected to life itself. When you build with the measurement of the 3-4-5, your structure is very life-enhancing. You can see the solsticial quadrilateral fits inside the inner circle of the dolmen adding another layer of superb energy to the sacred circle inside.

The measurements of the path also add to the design, when you begin to walk into the dolmen, your energy system connects to the solar energy of the place, and as you advance to the end of the pathway, the measurement corresponds to primordial water, which has the qualities of being sparkly and alive.

To end the analysis of the Dolmen of the West Mound, we can say the solar geometry enhances the energy of the violet vortex, connecting it to the cosmos. It is very clear that from the earth energies below to the solar geometry above, that this structure was created to make a good cleaning of the central channel, to open the 7th chakra, and to allow the person in the center to have a very good shamanic journey. It is a superb structure that combines power and finesse in its design. A pure work of megalithic art!

By Dominique Susani and Karen Crowley-Susani
© All Rights Reserved Boulder Centre for Master Builders.

Karen and Dominique love traveling to sacred sites and unlocking their secrets of sacred geometry and earth energy. Both Master Builders enjoy sharing their knowledge of how to build powerful structures that feel good and are harmonious with all life. Join them on a Magical Brittany Tour, June 2019 to experience the energies and sacred geometry of sites similar to this one.