Weekend Workshops

Solar Geometry and

Building Healing Structures

Are you interested in building a powerful healing structure at your home, business, campus, or land? Contact us to host one of these transformative and experiential intensives at your space. At the end of each class, you will have a completed healing structure. Immerse yourself in these healing energies as you construct the sacred site with us from beginning to end. Learn how each structure works and functions on an energetic plane, and how they can support your healing journey. In order to host your own intensive, we need 15-20 participants! With a deposit, we will support you in advertising, and marketing your workshop through our many media avenues. To learn more, please set up a consultation and we will be happy to work out the details!

3 Circuit Labyrinth

Open the first chakra and and central channel

7 Circuit Labyrinth

The 7 Circuit labyrinth helps heal the physical organs of the body and the emotions associated with them

11 Circuit Labyrinth

The 11 Circuit labyrinth opens the crown chakra and central channel

Labyrinth Workshop

Use Sacred Geometry to help balance and heal the physical body with these labyrinths. We have four different ones to chose from depending on your needs.

  • 3 circuit labyrinth for opening the first chakra and the central channel.
  • 7 circuit labyrinth for healing the physical organs of the body and emotions associated with them.
  • 11 circuit labyrinth for opening the crown chakra and your connection to the cosmos.
  • 15 circuit labyrinth for opening the heart.

All of these labyrinths are connected to solar and sacred geometry and open the central channel allowing more healing energy to flow through your body and energy systems.

The Chakra Path Workshop

Choose between creating a Fibonacci Spiral, Lemniscate or an Organic Chakra Path when choosing this Weekend workshop. All of these paths are amazing tools to open and align your chakras. Created through years of study, observation, and measurement these paths are unique to the Master Builder Tradition. They are tools of transformation and personal healing, set in your own backyard or retreat center! At the end of this weekend workshop, a unique Chakra Path will be designed and built in a place of your choice.

Fibonacci Spiral Chakra Path

Lemniscate Chakra Path

Organic Chakra Path

Fibonacci Spiral Chakra Path

Garden and Meditation Space Workshop

Explore ways to help your garden flourish using Energy Medicine! From learning which elements your plants grow best with, to what size to design your garden space for optimal health and production. This class has the answers! To top it off, learn how to build a peaceful meditative space outdoors. Commune with your garden and Mother Earth!

Around the world we have built many Healing Structures, from Chakra Paths to Labyrinths, Cromlechs, and Medicine Wheels. You can click on the points and see some of the structures!

3 and 7 circuit Labyrinths, Chakra Path, and Medicine Wheel at Sacred by Design

Medicine Wheelchakra pathIMG_6366IMG_5743

Fibonacci Spiral Chakra Path and Cromlech in Boulder


3 - 7 circuit Labyrinths

Norma's labyrinth

11 circuit labyrinth and 7 circuit labyrinth

laberinto 11circuitos,tequisquiapan

7 circuit labyrinth



Cromlech with trees

Solsticial Quadrilateral with trees

7 circuit Labyrinth

3 - 7 circuit Labyrinths

Cosmic Egg Cromlech

16 Stone Cromlech

3 different Cromlechs

The fountain of the five elements


7 Circuit Labyrinth

March 2016 128 March 2016 127 March 2016 129 March 2016 132

3 different 7 Circuit Labyrinths

7 Circuit Labyrinth for Sacred Earth Foundation


Boori Boori Labyrinth Design


Alexander Dawson School 7 Circuit Labyrinth

Labyrinth from Alexander Dawson

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